Yellowstone and real killer of Impact Winter

Discussion in 'Religion & Politics' started by Dr. Rice, Sep 6, 2011.

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    Jul 19, 2011
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    The Organization for the Advancement of Human Society realizes there is devastation after a space impact or even a super volcano. This will happen after Yellowstone erupts, much of the Midwest in America will be devastated by the lethally hot pyroclastic flows that will probably spread for hundreds of miles. This soil will obviously rich for crops as volcanic soil is very good for farmland.

    On the topic of farmland, Volcanoes pose a serious risk to human society with something called "Impact Winter." Impact Winter and Nuclear Winter are basically the same thing, large amounts of ash are shot into the atmosphere and it decreases total amount of sunlight. This can cause famine depending on how long it lasts. The eruption of Krakatoa caused a slight, but global "impact winter" that lasted for a full year. Yellowstone will be dozens of times larger and this problem of ash still remains at large.

    While it is regrettable that nothing can be done to save millions of lives from pyroclastic flows, there can be much done to deal with ash in the atmosphere. Not enough research is done into addressing this problem. Beginning to do research when time is still a luxury is in the best opinion for the continued survival of humanity.
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    Aug 19, 2011
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    This is an event that won't occur until 12/21/12 for thousands of years. I'm sure humanity, if it hasn't wiped itself in the mean time, will develop some way to contain most of the devastating affects of a supervolcano erupting. Lake Toba erupted 70,000 years ago and possibly dwindled the human population to a mere ten-thousand, but that was in primitive times, we'll live through it somehow.

    I don't see how this correlates with either Religion or Politics though. Science! Forum plz.