What should we do about the media and it killing of artist creativity?

Discussion in 'Nobody Cares' started by jack, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Jul 20, 2011
    ok so as we all know the media is fucked. their is no more real journalism any more.it's just pundits with shitty agendas.but what about what it does to the creative? recently one of my favorite comedians PATTON OSWALT.got a taste of these over sensitive ambulance chasers for him self.

    I hate how these parasites suck people dry by using fake outrage to shut people up and rob people of their time so they have to deal with them.I hate their cowardly bullshit. What's more many people seem to agree with this kinda bullshit like the redditors and tumbler fags many of them young artist them selves just love this kinda shit even thou many of the shit they crate is crap. They just love this shit putting agendas into their art.

    What happened to just wanting to tell a good story?

    What happened to wanting to express a universe truth to everyone and to inspire?

    What happened to art for arts sake?

    instead they print and write lies and half truths to the unthinking masses.

    Your art no longer belongs to you.It belongs to everyone and their cause.
    if you truly believe that then you are no longer an artist you are a propagandists. or worst Tom Preston and Ryan Sohmer

    Art is dead.

    Art is dead.