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    Aug 19, 2011
    I hope that more and more people in Australia get wise to the folley of open unrestricted immigration and back laws and politicians that will get tough on stopping the evil boat people.

    I say that, because the people smugglers are illegal immigrants to begin with most of the time, but once they settle in and slip from detection, they start setting up a black market business to bring more people in.
    Chances are the illegal boat people are more or less likely to be the people that make those countries of origin such a shitty place to begin with.
    and we have seen how little regard or respect a good deal of them have for law society and the people who are paying for their house food water and car and free playstations.
    I've heard stories online of these Asylum seekers being abusive to everday citizens once they move into a suburb, they expect everything to revolve around them, expect everybody to speak their language dress and act as they see fit, in other words, it seems like more than a few do not deserve any sympathy or welcome, they aren't like some of the war refugee's of the past who see Australia as a generous country which has saved them from a terrible life in a war torn part of the world, instead it's assholes from some shithole which they probably made that see Australia as a fresh new chance to make a new shithole and force everyone else to live there.

    At the end of the day, this shit needs to be stopped, Immigrating into Australia should be fucking hard and demanding so only those really serious about being Australians by nature earn the right to live there.
    And taking in people from countries with problems are not going to solve those problems, it just takes on those problems so we end up with the same problem just somewhere else.