Victoria II - the game of South African superiority

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    Seeing as the general populace of EDF2 is pretty obsessed with Communists, Nazis, general Nationalism and whatnot I'd of thought at least some of you would be playing a game like this.

    German troops install Communism in Poland before it was cool

    Victoria II is in the Grand Strategy genre of games and details the hilarious colonial adventures of Europe from 1836 to 1936 which should cover the conquest of Africa, WW1 and the Nazi rise to power. It's pretty sandboxy which means you often get crazy shit like Israel
    and Scandinavia popping up as countries.


    [​IMG] The Southern South Africa Empire

    Also noted is the fact that countries often face drastic government changes after getting repeatedly raped in wars. In one of my games this resulted in the Confederacy becoming Communist.

    this means slaves are equal now?

    Overall, this is a great game for massively autistic people with an interest in raping history. The only cons I can really think of is how horribly laggy it gets in later years.
    I rate it 4 dongs out of 5.