Vale are just lazy shits now in terms of game development.

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    Here is the thing guys.
    Valve in terms of a videogame developer are just fucking lazy now.
    They have Steam.
    They can sit on their ass and simply work on IP's they made over a decade ago and not worry about having to do anything anymore.

    They made good games.
    However as a developer, it's bad if you are rushed to finish a product due to financial stress or some suits breathing down your necks.

    Likewise it is bad for developers to have so much less pressure that they have no goals what so ever.
    Forget them making Half-Life anything.
    Forget that shit.
    Let's talk about what exactly are their goals in terms of GAMES are they doing right now.
    Not hardware for games like their stupid fucking console in progress that barely gets talked about.(nor do they ever really show up to talk about it themselves)
    Like actual games. To play.
    All they have done lately is add minor content updates to their existing IPs.
    With TF2, they basically rely heavily on the overzealous fans that are even willing to do the work FOR THEM in terms of new content.
    Case in point, last update was done entirely by the community. Everything. All the way down to the weapons and hats.
    Pretty sure they are going to do it again.

    Last new INSTALLMENT not expansion they did was Portal 2 and Left for Dead 2. All released about about two years ago.
    Yes. A lot of companies release games in a two year time frame.
    However they release other things too.
    Nintendo would die if they released a single Zelda game, and then plopped off the face of the planet until 5 years later.

    So the conclusion is this.
    Valve is just being lazy.
    All they do is do community updates on existing games. Work on half baked projects that will probably fail before even being shown to the public because why the fuck not they have money.
    And keep up incentives for people to come back on Steam to support them doing fuck all of nothing.
    You cannot tell me all these years and not a SINGLE new IP was thought up by anyone in that company? None at all?
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    *Insert obligatory Meanwhile at Valve picture here*
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