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    Jul 23, 2011
    Thread in the forum in which a user executes a very (possibly too) subtle troll. After commenting that the reason sexism is so prevalent may be due to the fact that a number of women are "coloring their gender" by dressing and acting like stupid spoiled whores (and also asserting that men doing the same thing is also pretty stupid), the user started a veritable shitstorm.

    I was there. Took about thirty minutes for the thread to get to thirteen pages. Not exactly a laugh riot, but the sheer bile accumulating was impressive. Troll did not once launch a personal attack, either, which was kind of a weird sort of "anti-trolling" thing.

    User made a number of references to memes. "At least 100," "over 9,000", some pokemon shit, and "The Goddamn Batman."

    User was threatened with Perma B& for saying that annoying drunk whores are, in fact, annoying drunk whores. That and being a general shit-disturber.

    Thought it may be of interest. Fairly wordy, nothing really epic launched back.

    But a grand formula for trolling was used. Feminist Thread + Dissent from Male = Butthurt.

    Resulted in a backlash circle-jerk thread called "Feminism PLUS Only."

    Original Thread:
    Feminism PLUS:!

    Also, OP is a faggot. :(
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