The Koopa who thinks life is like Bo-Bo-Bo

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    Aug 16, 2011
    Hey, folks! I know that Sonic n00bs have so many problems that they are fun to troll over and over again, but how about you check out some of the Mario fans for once because they might be even more dysfunctional?

    Yeah, I realize that the Mario series don't have that many fail games that the Sonic series has *cough*Sonic2006*cough* and the hero of the games isn't an anthro for pete's sake, but a good population of the fans for the series make you want to hang out with the Sonic recolors for the rest of your life.

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, ask yourself this question. How would it feel if a n00b were to greet you one day and praise you for a story that apparently got super popular on this one web site? Then he decides to act like your lackey and do pretty much anything you ask for and you decide to reward him by letting him treat you like your best friend and invite him over to a web comic host you found recently. The two of you start this web comic together just for fun and that goes well and fine until your "friend" suddenly starts to take over the comic and become less and less tolerant of everything you do. Eventually, he reaches the point where he thinks he's the boss of you and after one more slip-up, he decides to delete the entire web comic and becomes your worst enemy for no good reason whatsoever! You try to set things right with this guy and even have to ask your friends to help out, but with no luck. If all of that ever happened to you before, how would you feel and what will you do?

    If your answer happens to be "I'll be very enraged and I want to get even with this arrogant backstabber," then you'll know how I was feeling when I went through that exact same bull awhile back! The users who I'm going to inform about you guys are a white knight who inflates her own ego by humiliating others and is the sister of the guy I'll be talking about today, a couple of mindless goons who worship the same guy to the point of threatening to ban his enemies on an overrated Mario fansite run by a forum Nazi, and of course the Koopa who is the reason why I'm very ticked off even to this day! To start out why you should learn to hate the name, Crazy Koopa, I'll sum him all up with a very familiar (yet overused) formula.

    1. Find people on the internet who are more talented than you and act like a good friend to them.

    2. Do favors for that guy and worship him until he's fooled into being your friend.

    3. Do a large collaboration project with that guy that rips off either a Mario game or Bo-Bo-Bo.

    4. When the guy is no longer useful or proves to be more talented and likable than you, delete the entire project and make an even worse version of it with swears and MS Paint quality blood thrown in at random. Then treat the guy like a spawn of Satan and never speak to him again.

    5. Have the guy become a nervous wreck and force him to apologize over 9,000 times and ignore each apology.

    6. Lie about discontinuing your new project just to get rid of the guy, which causes intense rage afterwards.

    7. Use rage from guy as an excuse to never be his "friend" again and trick everyone else into thinking he's the spawn of Satan.

    8. Rip a few sprite sheets from a single Mario game to have everyone treat you like the Queen of England.

    9. Go to some overrated Mario trading card site and use single posed sprites for a bunch of cards to make you a mod and ultimately given the same treatment as God.

    10. Abandon all your other accounts on other web sites without any explained reason and refuse to let other people finish your other projects.

    11. ?????

    12. Profit!
  2. Negi Springfield

    Negi Springfield
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    Jul 15, 2011
    I started reading that wall of text, but then said fuck it.

    TL;DR dickcheese.
  3. carcinologist

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    Jul 19, 2011
    Annoying faggot
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    1. Loving the avi.'
    2. Amazing idea!
  4. Tai Le Ree

    Tai Le Ree
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    Jul 15, 2011
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    1. This doesn't belong here in gamers. I'd say furfaggotry would be better.
    2. ED is not an attack site
    3. I don't give a fuck
    4. You are a very shitty poster, lurk more
    5. Get the koopa drawn being raped to death by an elephant, make alt account on shitty site, use tor and post it.
    6. 5 is the only advice I will give you until you are less of a faggot.