the guy fawkes conspiracy

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    this may be all over the place and incoherent but you should be able to understand the basic idea... im deliriously tired and just feel like tl;dr rambling for a minute...

    its fairly well known the media engineers trends and fads. over a long period of time society is molded in this way the same way that news channels skewer the truth and report unrelated topics in a connotation that leaves people's memories with pleasant or usually unpleasant associations. memory is very tied to emotion so 'rape' works great for this purpose.

    anyway... im sure this has been mentioned before somewhere but i havent been paying attention and stopped giving a fuck about the 'anonymous' thing around the time of boxxy and the scientology protests... the heartless 'fuck all' attitude was replaced with a tidal wave of pimply faced hipster kids trying to cry righteous indignation at everything and be 'super cool hackers..' ehhh im trailing off, arent i...

    well anyway we have hugo weaving first as an inhuman agent that mysteriously encompasses more depth of human emotion than any of the other actors in the trilogy... who just so happens to replicate himself indefinitely into anyone, anywhere at any time. a character that lives in a technological world, no less... turning everyone into anonymous black-clad warriors for a nefarious cause...

    then we have the exact same character played again by hugo weaving wearing black, turning everyone into anonymous black clad warriors with 'v for vendetta'... except this time the replication breaks the fourth wall and the fifth wall by creating the 'anonymous' movement. the technological huvo weaving from the matrix has began replicating himself in the real world.

    so was the entirety of the 'anonymous' identification with the hugo weaving character all part of an elaborate psy-op to null the much more dangerous original 'anonymous' ?

    and are the '99%' people playing the exact part they were subtly manipulated into?

    is 4chan used as a fishing site to manipulate reactionaries and would-be revolutionaries?

    is the whole fucking thing a corruption of lol ?
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