So this last weekend I went to London

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  1. RiKio

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    Nov 20, 2012
    And I want to ask some things to the britfags:

    -Why is Enfield so full of shit? I mean, most of the houses were almost abandoned, with beds and couches out in the lawn. That district creeped me the shit out. Everything was under construction. What the hell.
    -Why the sidewalks are so ruined? Most of the tiles were out of their place- fuck, I tripped over almost four times. Its even worse than Madrid, and those are big words.
    -Speaking of Madrid, that city is known for its permanent works, but London was also full of works too! Just what the hell are you doing, building Khazad-Dûm? Also, lolwut, you hired a Spanish company for that? So we are not so ruinous bastards right?
    -You sure 44% of the population is white? I only saw whites, whites and whites. There were niggas, pakis and asians too, but they weren´t as much as I expected.
    -Lol, London is so full of spaniards I didn´t even need to speak english, almost everyone knew Spanish lol.
    -British Musem? HAHAHAHAAH You must be joking chav! That place should be called the Spoliation Museum. The only British thing I found there were the signs. Man, the London Museum has more dignity than that place.
    -Why is everything so full of cameras? Boys, 1984 was meant to be taken as an advice, not as a role model!
    -Why that obssession with carpets? I mean, why dont you stop buying carpets and use the money instead on, lets say, better walls, or more solid foundations?
    -Why do the women scream with that high pitch?
    -The Scots, with those skirts, are manlier than you, and you have to assume that. They want independence because they dont want to be associated with you anymore, faggots.
  2. Maysam

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    Oct 20, 2012
    thx, always interesting to learn about other kulchas from a fellow creepy dudes point of view