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    Rev noticed how Jack was looking at him everyday, checking out his sweet tight virgin ass has he skipped down the halls of school and started to wonder if Jack was ever going to ask him out.

    "Oh I can't take it any longer!" he said as his ass twitched, "If he doesn't ask me out soon I'm just going to burst!"

    "Maybe you should give him something to, poke the goose, know what I'm sayin' biatch!" A voice called from that shadows.

    "Wh-who's there?!" Rev whimpered as he approached the voice, it seemed to be coming from the basement door. A single green eye glowing and pearing at him through the slit like the glands of an uncircumcised cock.

    "Don't matter to me bitch! But I got something that'll make his ass dance, and his cock to slid' in yo' mouh! His hot cum will spray into your face like a tube of tooth paste!" he said giving him a bottle. "Put that into his jimmy' during lunch yo, and that suka be on yo' fasta than a nigga on fried chicken, and yo ass is da melon, dig queerbe??"

    "Boy do I!" Rev said and skipped down the hall like he always did.


    Doing just as he think the odd rapsta green-whatever the fuck he was, asked, he placed the pills into Jack's food, and jumped back into place as Jack came back.

    Jack turned to Rev staring "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT NIGGER-FAG?!" He screamed, and kicked Rev in the balls so hard they exploded from his mouth splattering to the ceiling, long runny streams of yellow snotty dripped down from above as Rev flew back to ground.

    Jack grumbled and started to shove the food into his face not bothering with table manners, almost punching it into his mouth. He screamed and growled loudly as Rev started to watch him from under the table.

    "That's it eat it all my darling!" he chided, "soon your thick ripply gaping maul shall be mine!"

    Jack stared holding his stomach "W-WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS JEW SHIT?! MY-" He glared as his cock exploded out from his pants like a missile, cheap gabardine fabric flying through the air.

    Jack hunched over with the weight of his thick meaty appendage as Rev squealed for joy like the pre-pubescent boy he was. "Oh boy me first catch of the day!" he said and pealed off the remains of his pants to expose Jack's sweet tender pinch shit-hole pulsating in and out, eagerly waiting for cock.

    Jack turned back around and started to cry "What are doing faggot?!" he whined as Rev grinned.

    "I'm gonna pump your sweet little pink donut full of man-creme!" he hissed explosing his sickly yellow dick, crusted with yellowish-green smegma, the smell of rotten milk filling the air was so horrid, and strange little wormy things were also seen festering in the puss near the head of his dick. His pubic hair was thick and matted together with what looked to be a kind of mixture of skin cream and shaving foam. Red from being unwashed for so long. Brown-ish black shit still sticking to his thighs from his last conquest.

    Rev plunged his big fat cock into Jack's ass and screamed, he realized the reason why Jack's ass was waiting for him! It was filled with tiny razor sharp teeth! It began sucking and blowing on
    his dick, the tiny hook like teeth digging into his skin.

    Jack, "It feels sooooo good!" Jack admitted, tears of joy coming from his eyes, "Oh rev my love! More! More!" he said as Rev felt himself unable to resist the urge to pound Jack's ass faster and faster. Thick snotty red blood pouring out from Jack's ass along with clogs of goo and shit. Who knows what kind of sickening things lurk inside the ass of Jack.. Now Rev knows...

    "StooOoOoOooOooooop!" Rev rang loudly, as everyone stared and laughed at them both "STTOOOOP!"

    TheRealDeal started to jerk off The Member Formerly Known As Baya who was also watching, and a huge globby snot-like wad of cum came and splashed into Rev's eye, burning his eye. It began to melt and burn out like a fried egg as the acid streamed down his cheek eating away his flesh.

    Jack shaked as he felt Rev's huge-crab infested balls bang against his tiny ass, slapping and smacking loudly against him like a fat 56 year old Oprah jerking off in a man's stall, her saggy deflated tits slapping against her nigger skinned torso full of KFC skin and aborted fetuses. "AHH! I'M CUMMING!" He admitted! His prostate shrinking suddenly as it started to go super nova.

    "NOOO! Don't!!" Rev cried!

    "REV MY LOVE!" Jack yelled out as his ass exploded, black shit and corpses of various rodents flew and splattered against the walls. Rev died a slow and painful death as he now lost most of his body. He looked strained like a deflated balloon and squiggled around defeated.

    Jack rested against the table, naked and satisfied. Thus ends the tale of Jack's first love and the beginning of his homo-erotic tv series on HBO...