Proton Jon gets trolled...and is still a tool.

Discussion in 'Nobody Cares' started by UncleSchomo, Dec 22, 2012.

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    Aug 3, 2012
    fucking douche jerk nugget whore puta

    Long story short: Some guy lies about having leukemia/cancer, and gets Proton Jon to play his shitty Mario romhack. Jon finds out the guy lied after people pointed out the obvious shit. Jon and Let's Play community feel kinda butthurt about it.

    In Jon's defense, it's douchey to lie about having cancer to get people to play your shitty romhack (gotta admitt, it wasn't a bad trolling technique). That said...Proton Jon's still a twit.

    How to piss off Proton Jon fanboys: call him a jack-ass and an attention whore.