Planetary Annihilation

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  1. Ktastic

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    Aug 29, 2011
    I was going to make a long post about how fucking awesome this game is going to be. But then as I made this thread, this image came up as the EDF header:


    And considering that's pretty much exactly whats going on in my head right now, I figure, why even attempt to say more?

    But just for good measure, why should anyone be excited about this? Have you heard of Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander? Well this is the next step up, made by the same gods of RTS that made those two pinnacles of fucking awesomeness. Makes Starcraft and Command & Conquer look like the shit they really are. Even Ages pales in comparison, granted AOE it has its own sense of awesomeness in other ways.

    TL DR
    Enemy makes a base bigger than yours to steamroll your forces off the planet you're fighting on. You launch builders into space, install engines on an asteroid and collide that motherfucker right the fuck into his planet, blowing the ever loving shit out of it. (watch the video in the link above faggot)

    I can't think of any game ever that has made me want to shit bricks like this.
  2. Lyle

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    Feb 6, 2012
    WTF? 900,000 to make a game and it was all donated?

    Fuck that shit, give me 500k and I'll make a golden pile of shit that violates at least 50 copyright laws and every Ediot will love it.