Multicultural Guitar Prodigy Goes Anti-Muslim sort of

Discussion in 'Nobody Cares' started by Slavoj Jizzek, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Mar 29, 2012
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    Perhaps some of you are familiar with Justin King. He's a guitarist whose skill amazes neckbeards.

    He's also a self-proclaimed feminist multicultural atheist liberal. However, he recently took the Pat Condell position.

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    Consider how odd it is that this pillar of multicultural virtue quickly discards his multiculturalism by relabeling it as "religion" at the expense of one weepy white woman who lost a foot. Along with his extreme white-knighting comes the instinctive urge to prove he's not racist by bashing Christianity, although the site one person referenced proves that violence in the Talmud has no rational comparison to the stuff Mohommad prescribed. This is because the multiculturalist must, if he hates religion, hate all religion. He cannot be bothered to separate helpful (or at least non-destructive) religion from its competition.

    Also, King would do well to note that the deaths Islam has wracked up since 2001 dwarf all Christian/Jewish achivements 1 AD onward. He's comparing apples and oranges in hopes to appease the multicultural crowd. Any rational atheist cannot equate Christianity and Islam. But of course he must in order to prove he is not merely biased against brown people.

    Why do leftists hold such contradictory beliefs? You're either pro-feminism or anti-patriarchal religions (virtually all of them in the monotheistic tradition). You're either for Multiculturalism, or you're in favor of women's rights. You're either a secular rationalist or you're a feminist.

    Does this guy realize that next to Hank Williams Jr., he's downright politically correct?