I Respect your right as a Human Being

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    Nov 9, 2011
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    And I' really sorry I couldn't care less :( I rather actually not work and just steal your fucking money and watch you feed the beast killing you. Don't worry, if you don't make it there will always be more. After all you are pretty fucking retarded to begin with. Not to mention you fucked the first bitch you seen and now you're married to her because you were too retarded to know how to use a condom and you have 4 kids. Yes, your life means something to me, as you waste it in limbo at a useless factory talking to your dumbfuck friends who have a combind IQ of 85. I'm really wondering how long it will be before your wife kills you with a shotgun and collects her insurance money.

    Not to mention the "way of life" you follow believing that there is some kind of code of ethics to it all, oh so misguided. The only thing that matters is this: If you don't get caught who gives a fucking shit? If you're stupid enough to be bothered by it, then you deserve to go to jail, get divorced, be fired, be fined. Your schools of morality are totally meaningless, it's all mind over matter. Of course most people don't have the mind, so they fail.

    I so love the fact that people are also willing to go to war over the stupidest retarded crap rather than, talk. Or spend money on solving their problems, of course they don't really have the mental capacity to do these measures so killing each other may not be such a bad idea to begin with.