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    Jul 19, 2011
    The human and covenant war had long ended. Humans and the sanghieli were now in a delicate diplomatic relationship. I met the arbiter at one of the negotiation meetings. Although the war was over, we needed to rebuild. the sanghieli, felt it was their duty to help us rebuild since they contributed to Earth's near annihilation.

    We caught eachother's eyes for just a second, and we both fell in love. I didn't know how he felt about me until later that night, I was beamed out of my bed and kidnapped by thel. He was flying a seraph equipped with beaming technology. I woke up in surprise, I thought I was dreaming. I saw the arbiter looking at me. He said "don't be afraid human. What is your name?"

    "j-jane". "jane...such a nice name for a human female." I don't know what came over me, because just then, I ran right at him and hugged him. Instead of pushing me away and acting surprised, he hugged me back. Then we both began to strip our clothes, without words. Just animal instinct.

    We were both naked, I eyed his body over and noticed his sanghieli "pride" between his legs. It had a knot. I gently caressed the brand on his chest, filled with lust and desire and he nibbled on my breasts with his mandibles. They tickled. He said to me "Marry me Jane." and I looked up into his eyes. They were loving. "Yes...I want to be with you forever! Please....dominate this human!"He grinned at me and He then laid me on his bed, and gently spread my legs. I threw my arms around his back and gripped his shoulderblades as he thrust into me. His girth was incredible and his reach was far. I moaned and tensed up, he stopped. He looked down at me and said

    "were it so easy"

    Then he thrust the rest of the way into me, I felt the bulging knot barely pass through my lips. I cried out loudly, with passion. I told him how much I loved him , and to take me away on the great journey. His mandibles shifted in what appeared to be a grin. He pulled out, almost to the tip, and thrust back in. I reached up and kissed the mouth inside his mandibles, they raked gently against my cheeks. I felt his long digits graps my buttocks and squeeze. It tickled, and I moaned. I loved him so much. I was in heaven.

    Thel growled and picked up the pace, thrusting inside of me again and again and again. He grabbed a hold of my arms and then pinned them down, growling as he gave it to me. I felt the all too familiar feeling of impending climax, and so did he. I heard of and felt him grunting more and more, and I screamed as my body was ravaged by the most white hot orgasm I ever felt. My toes curled, I thought I was going to pass out as he shot his seed into my depths. I could feel it overflow and gush out the sides of my sex. Here I was thinking that the war was over. But now I had been totally dominated by a handsome elite. I loved it. I wanted to have his babies.

    A few months later, I found out I was pregnant. I didn't think it was possible! I did not have any relations with any men! Well, no human men at least. I told thel that the child may be his. We were both very happy and very excited. Perhaps a half-human half-elite child would help unify our race! But more than that, he was ours. The child would be the product of our love.

    The day finally came and I was rushed to the hospital. Both sanghieli surgeons and human surgeons helped deliver our baby. It was painful, but I was now a mother. SO pushed, and soon I heard a strange crying/wheezing sound. The nurses gasped, their faces twisted with horror. They handed me my baby. He was beautiful. He had blond hair, like me and he had his father's mandibles. One of his eyes was blue, and one of them was yellow with an elliptical pupil.

    I held him in my arms and showed him to thel. He looked at me and told me he loved me. But then.... our child exploded. The ddifferent genetic chemicals reacted to eachother when they were exposed to air, causing an internal expansion. I cried, and thel set his and on my shoulder and said
    "were it so easy jane. " Then he cried with me.

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