I can has lulz? Encyclopedia Dramatica is now part of the Cheezburger Network

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    The past year has been a prolonged period of tireless work for the “new” Encyclopedia Dramatica. In 12 months alone, we were forced to rebuild the site, conquer countless legal battles, assure the stability of our website, and reinstate our presence in the world of the internet, all the while prudently dealing with incalculable bumps in the road: our founder arrested, DDoS attacks, and the sudden suspension of encyclopediadramatica.ch. Yet, we have miraculously come out ahead every time an obstacle appears in our endless quest to assure the lulz is delivered.

    Needless to say, support has always been appreciated in the interest of preserving Encyclopedia Dramatica and all related websites. In the early days of the .ch venture, almost a year ago, enthusiastic donors allowed the site to pay its bills and flourish. As the website began to catch up to the levels of traffic prototypical for the .com-era, and the donations started slowing down, we realized donations alone were not enough to support ED. Thus began the restoration of advertisements to Encyclopedia Dramatica, a move that saved us from further downtime.

    Once more, it has become evident that Encyclopedia Dramatica is in need of a bit of assistance. We simply do not have the income or man power required to upkeep a website such as ED. About a month ago we received an email from someone at the Cheezburger Network. This email will likely prove to be the miracle as we are in desperate need of help. That being said, after some serious though we were more than willing to enter into a partnership with the fine people of the Cheezburget Network. This will be a great experience for everyone.

    You will see some maintenance being preformed on the site, there will be a new theme added that is reminiscent of the old Whatport80.com theme. We advise you to carry on with your ED experience as usual. Also, we will be regaining the ED.ch domain shortly thanks to our new management.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.