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    Sep 29, 2011
    Well to start, this thread will essentially be me reading, reviewing, and giving a summary of furry literature. While I'm sure no one even cares in the slightest, I might find some funny stuff. Also, feel free to contribute.

    Title: A Tail for Two

    Summary: So this fag named Nate is in highschool gets dumped by his boyfriend, and a few days later he meets this guy named Cyd who also goes to the same highschool. They end up becoming boyfriends, and then suddenly out of no where Nates homophobic brother gets killed. Cyd steals like a hundred thousand dollars from his dad and runs off with Nate to San Francisco because it turns out that the guys who killed Nates brother want to kill Nate or something.

    So on the plane Cyd tells Nate about his parents, and how his mom killed himself. It turns out that in the past Cyd was dating some guy who, after being treated like the most important thing in Cyds world, kills himself because Cyd raped him and destroyed his trust. Before the boyfriend killed himself, he sent Cyd a letter saying a bunch of stuff and how his heart is broken. Cyds mom finds that letter and is obviously very dissapointed with him, Cyd then insults his mom horribly and she ends up getting drunk and getting into a car crash.

    What Cyd just told Nate did not change Nates opinion of Cyd what so ever.

    And so they arrive in San Francisco, and go to the house that Cyds mom used to own. Cyd takes Nate to a club and dances with him, and introduces him to a guy named Mike. So after the club, they go back home and then Cyd gets arrested by the police for stealing money from his dad, and during that time Mike comes over and takes care of Nate. Cyd gets back after someone bails him out and gets incredibly angry that Mike is there taking care of Nate, Cyd tries strangling Mike to death but Nate stops him. Cyd yells at Nate saying its Nates fault that Nates brother is dead. Nate goes back to the club with Mike and they start flirting and shit.

    At the club, Nate dicks around with the lights and people like it, and then he gets kidnapped. It turns out that the people trying to kill Nate were on the plane as well. Meanwhile, Cyd is drinking and thinking about killing himself. Mike notices that Nate is gone and goes to see if he is with Cyd, Mike finds Cyd with a gun to his head and Mike takes the gun from him. While this is happening, the kidnappers are explaining to Nate that they are going to record them brutally raping and then killing him on camera, then send it to Nates mother and Cyd. However, for reasons I cannot remember, the kidnappers pull up at Cyds house and one of them gets out with a shotgun and heads for Cyd and about a minute later there is a gunshot and everyone thinks Cyd is dead.

    It turns out that Mike shot the Hyena with the gun that Cyd was going to use to kill himself. So Mike and Cyd walk out to the front of the house and the now lone kidnapper drives off with Nate in the back.

    Later on, the kidnapper organizes a meeting with Cyd, they are going to meet on a dock in the middle of the night. That time comes and they are all there, face to face, Nate has a gun to his head and Cyd recognizes the kidnapper. The kidnapper turns out to be a guy named Ralph, who just happens to be the older brother of Cyds older boyfriend who committed suicide after Cyd raped him. Ralph has Cyd read the letter out loud that Ralphs younger brother sent to Cyd before he killed himself. The letter is incredibly depressing and like the previous story Cyd told to Nate, it did not change Nates opinion of Cyd. Mike shows up and saves the day.

    And so, the main story is over and it goes onto the epilogue. It is 15 or so years later, and Cyd and Nate are telling this vile and disgusting story to their adopted child (a husky if I'm not mistaken) at the end of the story the child asks, "And then what?" and they say that they lived happily ever after and were married ever since. Then the story ends.

    My thoughts:
    Before giving my thoughts upon this, take the following into consideration: Cyd and Nate have only known each other for less week and they get married. Cyd is a rapist and caused two people to kill themselves. Its Cyds fault that Nates brother is dead, and Nate would have been killed as well if it wasnt for Mike.

    I liked this story in the beginning, before Nates brother was killed it was turning out to be quite a good romance story. Then it digressed into utter shit as the setting was shifted to San Francisco. It simply doesnt make sense that Nates opinion of Cyd didnt change at all after Cyd told him that he raped and caused two people to kill themselves.

    Regardless of all that, I'm disappointed that this story has no sex in it what so ever, not even implied sex, it was tagged on SoFurry to have sex in it. I really dont even have much to say about this except that its horrible, however the part in which Ralph is describing to Nate how he is going to brutally rape, behead, and send the video of it to Cyd and Nates mother made me feel ill because of how descriptive it was.

    One of the things that bothers me the most about this is the fact that they are most likely around 17 years old and get married while in highschool in a place where gay marriage isnt even legal.

    My overall rating would have to be a 2/10 because of how shitty the story ended up being.
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    Jul 21, 2011
    This story is full of retards making retarded decisions . I give it a 1/10
    The fact that it was well recieved is sickening : furfags. furfags 2. furfag 3. furfags 4.
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    May 8, 2012
    The comments are always better than the stories.

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    Jul 15, 2011
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    "Maybe it's because I'm not high"

    I have never seen a more accurate comment on SF.