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    Apr 11, 2017
    A computer screen glows in the depth of the room, lighting up
    the tiny area from which it sits. Another light illuminating
    the room is a fish tank sitting at the back corner,
    underneath a few shelves sitting on metal racks holding it
    There’s a tiny map on a pin board of the Roman Empire era.
    Pictures cover the map except for one spot. The uncovered
    spot is part of the key of the map, with a box colored orange
    and next to it saying: Roman Empire, 180 A.D.
    The fish swim in circles through the bubbles racing up
    towards the surface, stirring up the water. Sitting on the
    shelves above the fish tank are tiny model cars.
    The windows are closed curtains are shut halfway, showing
    that it’s dark and calm outside. A light breeze flows through
    the room, blowing the curtains. The breeze moves towards the
    back of the room where the computer sits on a large, wooden
    The wind blows a bouncy ball sitting on a few books onto the
    keyboard on the ‘Enter’ button. The mouse had been clicked on
    the Internet Explorer icon, and once the bouncy ball lands on
    the enter button, it opens the Internet, opening up to the
    The homepage shows numerous amounts of information, such as
    the weather, E-mails, and a calendar marked with events.
    There is a section titled: “This day in history.” Beneath it,
    the top event is titled: “Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapses,”
    with a brief description about it beneath it.
    A magazine sits on the desk next to the keyboard. The breeze
    blows it open, the pages flipping over rather quickly. The
    breeze stops it at a certain page showing the Golden Gate
    Bridge, with a hole smack dab in the middle of it. The sun in
    the picture casts a fiery glow over it.
    The breeze continues to blow through the room, ruffling
    papers and stirring dust. One of the bolts loosens from the
    racks holding the shelf with the model cars up. The bolt
    falls out and lands in the fish tank where the fish begin
    nipping at it in curiosity.
    A model of a skeleton hangs in another corner of the room by
    a piece of string, twisting back and forth, an evil grin on
    its face. Car lights shine through one of the windows, and
    the light crawls across the wall. The light hits the
    skeleton, casting a shadow——but it’s not the skeleton’s
    shadow. It’s in the form of Death, with a scythe in its hand.
    Another breeze comes through the room. The rack holding the
    shelf with model cars breaks off the wall, landing in the
    fish tank. The end of the shelf lands on the edge of the
    tank, the model cars rolling into the water, splashing water
    out of the tank. The fish innocently nip at them.
    The splashing wakes up a teenage boy, his hair sticking up in
    different places and bags under his eyes. This is @Lazarus+
    (17). He grunts while sitting up, staring at the fish tank.
    Groaning, he stands up and walks to the fish tank, scratching
    his head and rubbing his eyes.
    Squatting down, he looks at the fish, who are now swimming
    joyfully through the water, not giving a care about the toy
    cars anymore. He taps the tank and the fish jump, but
    continue swimming.
    The breeze once again runs that area of the room, blowing
    @Lazarus+’s long hair. @Lazarus+ looks at his windows, confused since
    they are shut. He sniffs and pulls the shelf off the tank and
    sets it down on the chair.
    @Lazarus+ walks back to his bed and plumps down on it, almost
    immediately falling back asleep. And suddenly it’s...
    CUT TO:
    @Lazarus+, still in the same position as when he fell on the bed,
    wakes up, blinded by the light. He gets out of his bed and
    stretches, letting out a big, long yawn.
    He quickly gets dressed gets his hair neat before somebody
    knocks at his door.
    Hold one second!
    The knocking continues. @Lazarus+ lets out an irritated sigh and
    walks to the door.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    I said hold on——!
    He opens the door and sees @painseries (17), his black hair
    spiked up, a very dark green jacket, baggy pants, and black
    hobo gloves.
    That’s was more than a second.
    (Letting him in)
    How’d you even get in my house?
    Your mom let me in. Hurry up and
    get your bag.
    Don’t start making this a habit.
    She’s not going to let you in every
    time you knock on the door. Why are
    you even here?
    I need a ride.
    What happened to your crap-mobile?
    The engine’s dead. The damn thing’s
    a pile of shit.
    @Lazarus+ makes one last touch to his hair.
    @painseries (CONT’D)
    Will you stop grooming and get your
    things ready?
    God, you sound like my mom. Hold
    He turns off the bathroom light and grabs his backpack,
    hanging it over his shoulder. They walk out.
    ERIN DAILY (48), silky brown hair and looks young for her
    age, sits at the table with coffee in on hand and a newspaper
    in the other. @Lazarus+ and @painseries walk in.
    There’re biscuits on the counter
    with some sausage. @painseries, you can
    help yourself to anything.
    Thanks, Mrs. Daily.
    Where’s Dad?
    He had to go to work early. Eat.
    @Lazarus+ takes a biscuit and two sausages, kisses his mom
    goodbye, and walks out the door, but she stops them.
    That’s not you’re having is it?
    Mom, we’re going to be late.
    You have 45 minutes until school
    Yeah, but still, it’s better than
    being too late, isn’t it?
    Erin gives a playful glare to @Lazarus+. She shrugs.
    I hate you.
    It’s because I’m your son isn’t it?
    I’ll see you after school.
    By Mrs. Daily.
    She waves to them as they shut the door.
    @Lazarus+ unlocks the truck and the two get inside.
    @painseries looks at @Lazarus+ as he starts the car.
    What’s with the bags under your
    I haven’t been getting enough sleep
    lately due to school. And last
    night I woke up finding the model
    cars my dad used to buy me in my
    fish tank.
    Shit man. Sucks for you.
    As @Lazarus+ pulls out of the driveway, he begins flipping
    through his CDs in the CD player. He comes across one where
    he thinks his music, but the child’s song “London Bridge Is
    Falling Down” begins to play.
    @Lazarus+ stares at the CD player, focused mainly on that. @painseries,
    looking out the side of the truck, jumps.
    @painseries (CONT’D)
    Watch out!
    @Lazarus+ slams on the brakes as a car zooms by behind the truck,
    having to swerve to avoid an accident, honking. @Lazarus+ watches
    the car fly down the road.
    @painseries (CONT’D)
    Dumbass drivers.
    (Rolls down window)
    This is a neighborhood you
    @painseries rolls the window back up and looks at @Lazarus+ whose hands
    are still gripping the steering wheel tightly, and “London
    Bridge is Falling Down” continues to play.
    @painseries (CONT’D)
    Hey, man, you all right? You gotta
    watch out for those kind of people.
    Yeah I’m fine. I just zoned out.
    You want me to drive?
    Yeah, over my dead body.
    @Lazarus+ backs all the way out of the driveway and rides down
    the street.
    So, um, when are we listening to
    another song?
    @Lazarus+ realizes the London Bridge song is still playing and he
    quickly changes it to the radio.
    Sorry, my mom sometimes drives the
    truck with my little sister so she
    usually puts in this CD to soothe
    both of them down after a hard
    day’s work.
    It sucks having a 3-year-old sister
    doesn’t it?
    It sucks major ass.
    The song on the radio ends and the DJ comes on.
    Okay time for our traffic report
    for you devils on the road. There
    has been a major pile up on Route
    14 and a stall on Burton.
    Crap, we aren’t going to make it to
    school on time if we take Barton.
    There’s another way. I mean, it’s a
    little longer, but we’ll be there 5
    minutes before school starts.
    Mason Bridge. You know where that
    is, right?
    @Lazarus+ takes a left turn. He comes to the end of the
    neighborhood street that opens up to the highway. Cars zoom
    by, and @Lazarus+ continually watches them go by, waiting for a
    A red Viper with its hood down stops next to @Lazarus+’s truck in
    the right turn lane. Two girls are sitting in it, laughing.
    Look who it is.
    @Lazarus+ looks out his window, looking at DAISY WREN (16) and
    LESLIE HOPE (17). Leslie honks, looking at @Lazarus+ and @painseries.
    Daisy looks over and smiles. @Lazarus+ rolls his window down.
    Hey girls. How’s it going?
    Hey Ty.
    Please don’t call me that.
    Why not? @Lazarus+’s too old-fashion.
    Oh, hey, do you know what Friday
    The day you start another period?
    Only you would like that, @painseries. But
    no, Friday’s my birthday.
    You gonna get her something
    special, @Lazarus+?
    @Lazarus+ looks for a gap, but sees none. He looks back at the
    Maybe. I might even plan something
    big out for her.
    You don’t have to get me anything,
    @Lazarus+...Unless you want to get me
    A restraining order?
    Bite me, @painseries.
    Hey, where are you two going? It’s
    faster this way.
    Burton’s blocked. We’re taking
    Mason Bridge. We’ll get there
    faster than Burton.
    Are you sure?
    If you want to sit in traffic for
    half an hour, you can go right on
    @Lazarus+ sees a large gap. He takes it, and Leslie follows right
    behind. @Lazarus+ looks up at his rearview mirror and sees Leslie
    and Daisy right behind them.
    All right let’s start our morning
    with a little bit of country! Hit
    Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” begins to play and @painseries turns it
    Two patrol cars sit on the side of the road, along with an
    ambulance and two cars that have smashed into each other.
    @Lazarus+, at the front of the line, stops as an officer holds up
    a stop sign to him, while the traffic on the opposite side
    drive past the wreck slowly.
    @Lazarus+ stares at the wreckage. One of the cars front had been
    crushed in like a can, while the other one’s side looks like
    crumpled up paper.
    There’s a knock on @painseries’s window. They turn and see CARA
    BROOKE (18) and @GloriousReader (18), both on their bikes. @painseries
    rolls down the window and Cara smiles.
    Hey guys!
    A bike?
    (Pointing to traffic)
    This is why we avoid driving cars.
    Besides, drivers respect bikers.
    Sure, whatever you say.
    Hey @Lazarus+ did you get the homework
    for history and astronomy? I had a
    doctor’s appointment and I missed
    those two classes.
    For what? Soccer?
    I had to get a physical. It sucked.
    Yeah. I’ll help you during lunch.
    Thanks a bunch!
    (To @GloriousReader)
    Hey I’ll meet you at the bridge
    later. I’ll get us a smoothie at
    the park drink stand.
    Okay, babe. See yah.
    They kiss and the officer flips the sign to the side that
    says “Slow”. @GloriousReader and Cara back away.
    @GloriousReader (CONT’D)
    See you all at school.
    @GloriousReader begins riding his bike past the wreckage and heads on
    towards the bridge. Cara rides her bike through the grass as
    she heads into the park.
    The bridge is a gigantic structure, with a long drop to the
    bottom where a river flows below. The bridge shakes a little
    as the winds begin to pick up, and the metal supports creak.
    Before @Lazarus+ pulls onto the bridge, a car speeds around them
    on the shoulder, passing in front of them. @Lazarus+ slams on his
    breaks, causing Leslie to stop.
    What the fuck!?
    That’s the guy who almost hit you
    earlier this morning.
    Jesus Christ!
    Forget about it. There’s a line of
    cars up ahead so he’s not going to
    be able to go anywhere.
    Ahead of them is a stop light at the end of the bridge, and
    about four cars wait in front of it.
    Cars on the other lane begin to build up due to the fact that
    the officer had let too many cars come around the wreck
    behind @Lazarus+. The officers get into a mess and try to keep
    everything calm while trying to slowly let the cars pass.
    ‘I fell into a burning ring of
    fire. I went down, down, down and
    the flames went higher...’
    @GloriousReader gets onto the bridge and goes a few yards before
    stopping and looking back, waiting for Cara. He breathes
    heavily and takes a chug of water from his water bottle.
    INT. CAR
    In the speeding car, @Sadfleck (19), dressed in a collared
    shirt and khakis with his hair combed neatly, sits chewing on
    his fingernails. He slams his fist on the steering wheel and
    looks at his watch.
    Come on! Damn it!
    Below the bridge, the cement the supports are in begin to
    crackle and fall apart. The creaking metal gets louder. The
    bridge shifts position, shaking the cars.
    @Lazarus+ and @painseries become alert.
    What was that?
    Leslie and Daisy look around. Daisy unbuckles and stands up.
    The metal creaking continues.
    You hear that?
    Beneath, the cement blocks break apart completely, and the
    supports collapse, along with the land beneath it. The end of
    the bridge sinks beneath the earth and breaks, making the
    bridge slanted. All the cars roll back into wall of dirt.
    Leslie’s Viper pops up, rolling over the tiny car behind it.
    Daisy falls over the windshield and onto the hood. She falls
    on her back, her head hanging over the edge.
    @GloriousReader hangs onto the railings as his bike flies over the
    edge and plunges into the water below.
    The cars continue to roll back, and @Lazarus+’s truck rolls back
    faster than the others.
    @Lazarus+ can’t stop his truck. Before Daisy can react, the truck
    smashes into Leslie’s Viper, smashing Daisy’s head, brain and
    skull fragments spray on the back of the truck and on the
    Large, metal supports on top of the bridge begin to collapse,
    landing on cars, smashing them into the pavement. One care
    explodes as a support crushes it.
    @painseries jumps out of the car, slamming the door shut.
    @painseries! @painseries no!
    @painseries runs in front of the truck, but @Sadfleck’s smashes into his
    right leg. @painseries doubles over as his leg is crush to pulp, and
    @Sadfleck’s trunk flies open. As doubles over, the top half of
    his body sticks into the trunk.
    A support structure is dislodged from the bridge and falls
    down onto the trunk of @Sadfleck’s car, slicing @painseries’s body in
    half. His legs fall back, blood and organs spilling out of
    what is left of him.
    The bridge begins to crack in half, and pieces of the bridge
    begin to break off, taking cars with them. The bridge begins
    to lean sideways, and all the cars sliding to one side
    doesn’t help but make it lean to the side even further.
    @Sadfleck’s car slides across the road and hits the side of the
    bridge, a sharp piece of metal from the bridge piercing
    through the door, inches away from @Sadfleck. Cars begin to flip
    over the side of the bridge.
    Leslie falls out of her Viper. She slides across the pavement
    and her Viper and another car slide into her, practically
    crushing her. She screams in pain as blood begins to pour
    from her mouth. The bridge railing breaks and she falls off
    along with her car and a few others.
    She splashes in the water with her Viper immediately landing
    on her right after.
    @Lazarus+’s truck begins to slide sideways towards @Sadfleck’s. As
    @Sadfleck tries opening the door to get out, @Lazarus+’s truck slams
    into his, knocking @Sadfleck back, and getting him impaled on the
    piece of metal. Shards of glass get stuck in his face as they
    fly at him.
    @GloriousReader continues to hang onto the railing, but can’t, and
    lets go. He slides down towards the other side of the bridge
    and hangs onto a car. One of the edges of the car gets caught
    onto his pant legs.
    The railing on the other side of the bridge can’t support of
    the weight of the car, and snaps. The car plunges towards the
    depth of the river, taking @GloriousReader with it. A railing pole
    still intact with the bridge goes between @GloriousReader’s legs. He’s
    ripped in half from the crotch up as the car pulls him
    through the pole.
    The bridge can’t take it any long. The whole thing begins to
    fall apart. The supports break off and fall into the water.
    The cars begin splashing into the water, drowning whoever
    were in them. The bridge breaks in half, and @Lazarus+’s truck
    slips through the crack.
    He screams as the water gets nearer and nearer. The truck
    smashes into the water, the windshield shatters, water
    pouring in immediately. @Lazarus+ screams underwater, bubbles
    flowing out of his mouth.
    He swims out of the windshield and swims up towards the
    surface, dodging sinking debris. He comes up out of the
    water, immediately staring up. The bridge is coming down at
    him, part of it on fire, along with cars and dead bodies.
    @Lazarus+ has no time to scream as he...
    CUT TO:
    ...Wakes up, eyes darting in every direction, perspiring
    heavily, and breathing as if he just got done running.
    Hey @Lazarus+ did you get the homework
    for history and astronomy? I had a
    doctor’s appointment and I missed
    those two classes.
    For what? Soccer?
    I had to get a physical. It sucked.
    @Lazarus+ looks in front of him. The officer turns the stop sign
    to where it says “Slow”.
    Holy shit...
    Dude, drive.
    No, no, no, we can’t go on that
    Um, yeah we can.
    @Lazarus+, are you okay?
    Behind them, Leslie honks.
    No we can’t go on that bridge! If
    we go on that bridge, we’re all
    going to die!
    What the fuck man? Don’t mess
    around like that!
    @Lazarus+ looks in front of him. The officer motions him to drive
    with an irritated expression on his face.
    I’m not joking! I saw it happen!
    The bridge is going to collapse! I
    saw everyone die!
    @Lazarus+ calm down!
    We have to stop everyone from going
    on that bridge!
    The officer walks up to @Lazarus+’s truck.
    Dude what the fuck is wrong with
    Behind them, Leslie continues to honk.
    INT. CAR
    @Sadfleck looks out his window and sees @Lazarus+’s stalled truck.
    What the hell!?
    @Lazarus+ storms out of his truck where the officer tries to calm
    him down.
    You have to stop the people up
    there from going up the bridge!
    Okay, okay, calm down...What
    happened here?
    I saw the bridge collapse! I saw it
    in my head...Everything was on
    fire, I saw everyone die!
    He hasn’t gotten enough sleep
    lately. It was probably just a
    dream he had.
    No it wasn’t a dream! I’m serious!
    @Lazarus+ are you okay?
    Baby? What’s going on?
    @Sadfleck gets out of his car and yells at the officer and @Lazarus+.
    Can you just let us pass this fuck
    head?! I have a job interview in
    ten minutes and my job is on the
    other side of town!
    (To @Sadfleck)
    Sir calm down, we will get this
    situated. I need you to step aside
    and let these other cars through.
    I don’t even know these people! Why
    the hell should I get over?
    Sir, just do what I say.
    @Sadfleck steps aside and the officer motions the other cars to
    (To @Lazarus+)
    Okay, just pull your vehicle to the
    side of the road and explain to me
    what happened——
    No you can’t let anybody on that
    I’m going to need you to calm——
    Just listen to me God damn it!!
    There’s a loud crashing sound and everyone’s attention is
    turned to the bridge. The metal supports collapse and the
    sound of bending metal and smashing glass can be heard. The
    whole bridge collapses and splashes into the water.
    The officer runs to his patrol car, leaving @Lazarus+ standing
    out of his truck, his mouth agape and his eyes wide.
    Oh my God!
    @Sadfleck steps towards his car cautiously, but doesn’t get in
    it. @Lazarus+ runs a few feet towards the direction of the
    bridge, pulling at his hair, but stops, tears flowing from
    his eyes, and turns around. He turns back and looks at where
    the bridge used to be, but is now nothing but smoke.
    FADE IN:
    @Lazarus+ paces across his room. Messages left on his phone ring
    in his head.
    DAISY (O.S.)
    Hey...Ty...@Lazarus+...I was just
    seeing if you wanted to talk. I
    mean, I don’t want whatever
    happened earlier today to freak you
    out for the rest of your life.
    If you want to talk, you can always
    call me.
    Beep! Another message comes in. @Lazarus+ looks at a picture of
    him and an older boy that looks like him. It’s @Lazarus+’s older
    CARA (O.S.)
    Look I know you probably don’t want
    to talk now, but I’m calling to
    tell you that whenever you do want
    to tell me something, you can
    always call me. I just don’t want
    this thing to change our lifestyle.
    I...I guess I’ll see you at school.
    Beep! There’s a knock at @Lazarus+’s door. He turns and sees his
    mom peek in.
    How’s it going?
    @Lazarus+ looks down at his feet he sits down on his bed as Erin
    walks to him with a cup of water and a sleeping pill in her
    Here take this.
    He puts the pill in his mouth and drinks half of the water.
    Erin begins rubbing @Lazarus+’s shoulders, breathe deeply.
    I don’t even know what happened,
    Mom. I wasn’t able to comprehend
    anything. Everything was moving too
    fast, and when I finally realized
    what was going on...It was too
    Erin stops rubbing his shoulders. He turns to her.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    And now, after this, everyone’s
    going to look at me differently,
    like I’m a freak.
    @painseries told me you haven’t been able
    to sleep. It was probably just a
    dream that turned to be a
    A coincidence? It wasn’t a dream,
    Mom. You don’t know what I saw,
    what I smelled, what I felt...But
    what I want to know was: if it
    wasn’t a dream...what was it?
    @painseries and @Lazarus+ walk through aisles full of books and carts.
    If it wasn’t a dream, then what was
    I don’t know, man. I didn’t see
    what you saw. All I saw was you
    freaking out and then it happened.
    How did it happen? How was I able
    to see it happen when nobody else
    @painseries pulls a book off a shelf.
    I guess that’s another one of
    Life’s mysteries.
    Look I’m serious about all of this.
    I’m scared and I know you are and I
    know Daisy is, and I know everyone
    I didn’t say anything about it
    being a joke.
    He pulls another book off the shelf.
    @painseries (CONT’D)
    Okay, so, I’m going trust you and
    drop the part about it being a
    dream. So, what was it then? A
    vision? Are you psychic?
    It hasn’t happened to me before. Or
    at least something that real.
    So it was sort of like a
    premonition, maybe? Something you
    see before it happens? It’s sort of
    like a dream, except it actually
    does happen just the way you
    visioned it.
    So you’re saying that what I had
    was a premonition?
    I don’t know @Lazarus+. I don’t know as
    much as you do about this.
    Well at least you know something.
    Do premonitions just come randomly
    or what?
    @painseries searches the shelf and pulls out a specific book titled:
    “Psychics: Premonitions, Visions, and Dreams.”
    Look in there and tell me what it
    @Lazarus+ flips through the pages and searches for premonitions.
    ‘Premonition refers to a situation
    when future events are foreknown or
    forecast. Premonitions are usually
    treated as a result of paranormal
    or supernatural feat.’ So a ghost
    gave me the vision?
    Apparently some supernatural force
    gave it to you.
    But why?
    Hey, I’m no expert at this myth
    @painseries, I need your help. I don’t want
    to spend the rest of my life trying
    to figure out why this is happening
    to me.
    Okay, okay. Look, you’re Christian
    Maybe, it means supernatural as in
    the Holy Ghost or God or someone.
    Okay, you’re getting a little too
    into this.
    No think about it. Maybe God
    thought it wasn’t your time to go
    yet. That he wanted you to have a
    second chance at life. So he gives
    you a vision of the bridge you
    happened to be going on collapsing,
    and minutes later, it collapses
    just like you saw it. What if God
    wanted you to cheat death so you
    could have another chance at life?
    Cheat death? But wouldn’t that be
    upsetting the motion of life or
    Wait a minute...The whole point of
    me having the vision in the first
    place was a warning right? What if
    we were meant to go on the bridge
    as followed?
    So you’re saying that by not
    getting on the bridge in the first
    place, we could have changed
    Which is a big no-no.
    I think you’re starting to get too
    into this now.
    I’m just trying to figure out what
    the fuck is going on, @Lazarus+! I’m
    afraid I did someting I wasn’t
    meant to do...
    @painseries sets his books down on a nearby table and walks over to
    Look, go home. It’s been a rough
    two days, you gotta get some sleep.
    Besides, I need to work on my
    history project and worrying about
    this is making my day any better.
    Go talk to Daisy. I’m pretty sure
    she’s really concerned about you.
    All right. I’ll see you later,
    then, I guess.
    All right, take care.
    @painseries sits down at a table and begins opening a few books.
    @Lazarus+ walks through an aisle of books and out the door of the
    @Lazarus+ walks on the sidewalk, passing by normal citizens. He
    bumps shoulders with a tall black MAN. @Lazarus+ turns around.
    Oh, sorry about that.
    Don’t be sorry, @Lazarus+.
    @Lazarus+ is speechless. The man smiles and turns around and
    walks away. @Lazarus+ backs away onto the street and over a
    manhole with a little bit of steam coming out of it.
    The steam begins twirling around @Lazarus+, as if trying to
    squeeze him. @Lazarus+, hypnotized, stares at the steam. A horn
    blares in his ears and the steam disperses into the air. He
    turns around and sees a driver in a car motioning him to get
    out of the way.
    @Lazarus+ sits at his computer, opening the Internet. He goes to
    a search engine and types in “Premonition”. The page begins
    to fill up with links to information about premonitions. But
    one catches his eye: “Premonitions and Death” with a tiny
    summary below it: “How do they relate?”
    He clicks on the link and it takes him to a gothic looking
    page with skulls and devils. He clicks on the table of
    contents to the left of the page to where it says
    @Lazarus+ (V.O.)
    Nobody knows how or when somebody
    will have a premonition.
    Usually, certain people, usually
    those who are very religious, have
    a kind of dream or vision before a
    large disaster or accident will
    happen, eventually turning out to
    happen days, even hours, after they
    had the premonition.
    He scrolls down the page.
    @Lazarus+ (V.O.)(CONT’D)
    For example, Abraham Lincoln had a
    dream of his death and funeral,
    which he related to both his
    bodyguard and his wife mere hours
    before his assassination.
    He looks on the left side of the page at the table of
    contents. He clicks on a link titled: “Death”.
    @Lazarus+ (V.O.) (CONT’D)
    Sometimes avoiding a disaster after
    having a premonition can lead to
    bizarre happenings. A woman in
    particular, who had actually
    boarded the Titanic, knew as soon
    as she had boarded what the outcome
    of the voyage would be. Her and her
    daughter were able to get off
    before the shipped departed. A few
    years later, both the mother and
    the daughter were killed in their
    house after a fire had broken out.
    @Lazarus+’s phone rings, startling him. He looks at the caller ID
    and answers the phone.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    Hey Cara.
    CARA (O.S.)
    Hey...How’s it going?
    You know me. Staying up late doing
    CARA (O.S.)
    You’re hurting yourself, @Lazarus+. You
    need sleep.
    How can any of us sleep after what
    @Lazarus+ (V.O.) (CONT'D)
    CARA (O.S.)
    Look I don’t want you to become an
    Don’t worry about me, Cara. I’m
    going to be fine. I’m slowly
    getting over this. I just have this
    weird feeling.
    CARA (O.S.)
    Like what?
    I don’t know. I’m trying to figure
    it out. I’ll talk to you later.
    CARA (O.S.)
    Okay, then...Bye.
    @Lazarus+ hangs up and looks at his bed. He sighs and lays down,
    closing his eyes.
    Daisy walks out of her room and into the kitchen where her
    mom, MRS. WREN, puts candle in a small chocolate cake.
    The cake looks good, Mom.
    Anybody coming here to celebrate?
    I know Leslie is. @Lazarus+ might also.
    The doorbell rings.
    That’s probably Leslie.
    Daisy quickly walks out of the room while Mrs. Wren sets the
    cake on the table. She begins lighting the candles.
    Daisy opens the door and sees it’s @Lazarus+. She smiles and hugs
    him. They kiss and Daisy steps back.
    Happy birthday.
    I’m so glad you came. Come in.
    We’re about to have cake.
    Is Leslie here yet?
    No not yet.
    Is anybody else coming?
    No, I don’t really like having
    parties. Too much of a hassle and I
    can’t really make things
    They walk into the kitchen just as Mrs. Wren finishes
    lighting the candles.
    Hey @Lazarus+. How are you?
    I’m good, thank you.
    (To Daisy)
    Oh, here. I didn’t know what you
    liked so...
    He hands her a bag with tissue paper stuffed in it. She pulls
    out a tiny bear holding a box of chocolates. The box says “I
    Heart You.”
    Aw, @Lazarus+, I love it. But this
    looks like something they’d sell
    for Valentine’s day.
    You just have to search in the
    right places, I guess.
    The doorbell rings again.
    Oh, that’s Leslie.
    Daisy leaves and Mrs. Wren goes upstairs. @Lazarus+ walks over to
    the cake and sees seventeen candles arranged in a smiley
    face. In the middle, “Happy Birthday, Daisy!” is written. In
    the background, he can hear Daisy and Leslie talking.
    A breeze comes through the kitchen and the candle flames
    begin to flicker. He looks around the room, and up at the
    ceiling, where an air conditioning duct is. There are strings
    hanging from the duct, but they aren’t moving, indicating
    there’s no air coming from it.
    He looks back down and the candles begin to go out one by
    one. The smoke rises around @Lazarus+ just like the steam from
    the manhole. He looks at it move as if it has a mind of its
    DAISY (O.S.) (CONT’D)
    Yeah, @Lazarus+’s here too.
    @Lazarus+ turns around and sees Leslie standing next to Daisy.
    Leslie looks at @Lazarus+ uncomfortably.
    Hi, @Lazarus+...
    There’s a moment of silence until Daisy realizes the candles
    have been blown out.
    Damn it. Mom I thought you lit
    I did light them! The air
    conditioning must have blown them
    @Lazarus+ looks up at the air conditioning duct and sees the
    strings still aren’t moving. Daisy begins relighting the
    Well I better get going. I have
    Already? No please don’t, I like
    having you hear. Besides, Leslie
    and I were going to the arcade
    after this.
    Daisy looks at @Lazarus+ with the saddest look on her face. @Lazarus+
    gives in.
    You know I hate it when you do
    that. Okay, I’ll come, but only for
    a little bit.
    Daisy smiles and hugs @Lazarus+.
    Here, let’s have some cake, and
    then we can leave.
    Lights flash like strobe lights and kids dash back and forth,
    going from game to game, earning tickets and laughing.
    Daisy, Leslie, and @Lazarus+ walk in, sitting down at a nearby
    table. Leslie pulls out a box wrapped in wrapping paper and
    hands it to Daisy.
    Daisy unwraps it and her eyes grow wide and her mouth drops.
    It’s an iHome.
    How did you...This is incredible!
    How were you able to afford it?
    I had my parents help me pay for
    it, plus using pretty much all the
    paychecks I got from my job.
    Thank you so much!
    She gets up and hugs Leslie.
    Go ahead, try it out. The batteries
    are already in it.
    Daisy pulls out her iPod and sticks it in the slot. She turns
    on her iPod and switches to any song and it begins playing.
    It works perfectly.
    This is a@painseriesome! Thanks Leslie.
    No problem. You were always talking
    about it, so I decided to finally
    get you one.
    Yeah, but you didn’t have to.
    Hey, it’s your birthday. You
    deserve it.
    The three of them become quiet and the song continues to
    Come on, let’s go play some games.
    I will in a few minutes. I’m going
    to sit here for a few minutes. I’m
    kind of tired.
    I’ll join you in a while too. I’m
    probably going to get something to
    drink or something.
    Oh, okay. Promise? Both of you?
    Daisy smiles and walks off. Leslie turns to @Lazarus+.
    You two are perfect for each other,
    you know?
    Yeah, she’s great. I wouldn’t know
    what I’d do without.
    @Lazarus+ looks down at his feet.
    You okay?
    No, Leslie, no I’m not okay.
    What’s wrong?
    Everything! First the vision of the
    bridge collapsing, and I’ve been
    getting these strange feeling
    everywhere I go. Like someone——or
    something——is watching me. I have
    this feeling that something bad is
    going to happen. Like I did before
    I had the premonition of the
    What was that feeling like?
    Like, I knew something bad was
    going to happen before it did. I
    was overcome by fear and I couldn’t
    make it go away. It stuck to me
    since the night before it happened.
    I can see why you would be afraid
    after this ‘premonition’ of your
    happened, but why do you think
    something bad is going to happen
    later on?
    @Lazarus+ rubs his eyes and runs his fingers through his hair.
    I did some research last night
    about premonitions, like where they
    come from or how someone has them.
    What did you find out?
    People usually have dreams of an
    accident before it happens to warn
    them, possibly from a supernatural
    feat, that is, if you’re a
    religious person.
    And your Christian right?
    Yes, but I don’t know if this
    premonition was sent by God or the
    Holy Ghost or whatever. The feeling
    I had when I first got it was dark.
    I felt nothing but fear as if
    something evil had given me the
    Look, I think you’re overreacting——
    No, I’m not overreacting, Leslie.
    Listen to this: Four people who
    didn’t even know each other had a
    dream of a plane crash they were
    supposed to be on the night before.
    The next day, the plane had crash
    landed, killing everyone on board.
    A few weeks later, those four
    people who happened to be in the
    same building at the same time were
    killed when the building collapsed.
    It’s just a coincidence.
    That’s what it seems like. These
    people were meant to die, but
    avoided the accident. By doing so,
    they died later on in these freak
    Are there any cases of this
    @Lazarus+ pulls out a few papers printed from the website he was
    at the night before.
    A woman and her child boarded the
    Titanic. Just as the woman stepped
    onto the boat, she had a
    premonition of the Titanic sinking.
    Her and her daughter got off before
    the ship sailed off. A few years
    after the Titanic sank, their house
    caught on fire, killing both of
    Leslie reads over the papers and looks up at @Lazarus+.
    I don’t see how you believe this,
    @Lazarus+. This is a load of bullshit.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT'D)
    Leslie! You didn’t see what I saw
    in the premonition! If you had it,
    you’d probably be doing what I’d be
    doing, thinking what I’d be
    thinking, and feeling what I am
    feeling right this second.
    Really. And what’s that feeling?
    (Eyes watery)
    Daisy sits at a racing game, really into the game. She steps
    further down on the pedal and passes the car in front of her,
    getting her in first place.
    Two delivery workers come through the entrance of the arcade
    pushing a large game on a cart. They walk up to a desk where
    an arcade employee sits. He points to the back of the arcade.
    The delivery people push the car towards the back. As they
    push the cart, one of the screws from the back right wheel
    begins to push out. It falls out, unnoticable to anybody.
    Daisy quits playing the racing game and walks over to the
    back where the delivery people are. She sees the new game
    called “Head Trauma” and walks over to it. The delivery
    people park the cart next to a box arcade game where you sit
    down and pull the curtains to make it dark, usually a
    shooting game.
    She looks at the new arcade game the delivery people have
    brought and stares at it.
    Come on, let’s get these papers
    signed so we can get out of here.
    The delivery men walk over to the employee at the desk, and
    Daisy gets in the box arcade game, shutting the curtains and
    putting in her coins. She pulls out one of the guns and gets
    ready to play, setting her phone on the seat.
    The cart shifts over a little by itself, another bolt popping
    out of the back right tire. Then another one; the wheel
    starts to wiggle. A bolt comes out of the front right wheel
    and falls onto the ground, rolling underneath the cart.
    Back at the table, the song “Daisy” by Switchfoot comes on,
    grabbing @Lazarus+’s attention.
    Don’t begin getting paranoid about
    this kind of stuff. There’s no
    reason to be afraid anymore.
    I can’t help but be afraid. The bad
    feeling I have is always with me,
    never going away.
    Maybe you need to get checked up or
    The continues to play, getting louder by itself. @Lazarus+ looks
    at the iPod closely. The title of the song, “Daisy” begins to
    flicker and fade out. He stares at it.
    ‘Let it go, Daisy let it go. Open
    up your fist, this fallen world.
    Doesn’t hold your interest, doesn’t
    hold your soul, Daisy let it go.’
    @Lazarus+? You okay?
    I said are you okay? You look sick.
    @Lazarus+ looks back at the iPod. The name “Daisy” disappears
    from the screen.
    ‘Giving isn’t easy. Neither is the
    rain, when she gives herself away.
    The song gets stuck at the word “Daisy”, playing it over
    again. Leslie looks at the iHome and slaps it, trying to make
    it continue with the song. @Lazarus+ stares at his, his breathing
    getting harder.
    What the hell? I just got this and
    it’s already screwing up!
    @Lazarus+ stands up, knocking his chair over.
    God damn it!
    (To @Lazarus+)
    What’s wrong?
    I’m having another one of those bad
    feelings. What game did Daisy say
    she was going to play?
    I don’t know. Try calling her.
    @Lazarus+ pulls out his phone and speed dials Daisy’s number.
    Leslie continues to try and get the song to continue playing,
    but it’s still stuck on “Daisy”.
    Daisy’s phone is on silent, but it’s vibrating. It begins to
    slide towards the edge of the seat. The sound of the game is
    too loud for Daisy to hear the phone vibrating as she shoots
    at mutant creatures trying to attack her.
    Another bolt from the front right wheel falls off, and the
    cart begins to wiggle with the wheels.
    @Lazarus+ does a full 360 degree turn.
    Come on, Daisy, pick up the phone.
    Why don’t we try and find her?
    I’ll go do that. You stay here.
    @Lazarus+ begins walking off and Leslie stands up, about to
    follow @Lazarus+, but he turns aruond.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    No, Leslie, stay here, okay?
    I was just going to help you find——
    Just stay here damn it!
    (More calmly)
    I just need to be alone with Daisy
    right now.
    (Sitting back down)
    Oh, I understand. Sorry.
    @Lazarus+ runs off and Leslie looks back at the iHome. The song
    gets unstuck and continues to play normally.
    Daisy continues to shoot at her enemies as her phone still
    vibrates. It stops at the very edge.
    @Lazarus+ stops and hears Daisy’s answering machine. He hangs up
    and flips his phone back open, calling her number again.
    Her phone vibrates again, moving over the edge. It falls onto
    the floor, making a sound loud enough for Daisy to hear.
    She looks back at the screen, which says, “GAME OVER” on it
    in bloody letters. She sets the gun back in the slot and
    opens the curtain, bending down to get her phone. She answers
    it, still squatting.
    @Lazarus+ (O.S.)
    Daisy where are you?
    I’m at the back of the arcade. Why?
    @Lazarus+ (O.S.)
    Just stay where you are!
    He hangs up and she stares at her phone. She grabs the box
    arcade game and pulls herself up, but her hand slips, and she
    falls on her back.
    @Lazarus+ runs through the arcade, zig-zagging through games and
    people. He runs towards the back.
    The wheels on the cart give in, and they break off, the Head
    Trauma game tipping over onto the box arcade game. Daisy
    gasps and covers her face, but slowly pulls her hands away as
    Head Trauma had been stopped by the box arcade game.
    @Lazarus+ runs around the corner and sees Daisy under Head
    Daisy begins to sit up when Head Trauma slips off the box
    arcade game.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    Daisy looks up but it’s too late. Head Trauma comes down on
    her head and shoulders, creating a sickening crunch. Blood
    sprays on the box arcade game and on the words “Head Trauma”.
    Her body jolts as her head is crushed.
    @Lazarus+ covers his mouth, his eyes wide. He opens his mouth,
    but nothing comes out. People in the back look at what
    happened, gasping. @Lazarus+ falls to his knees, staring at
    Daisy’s twitching body. He holds his hand out to her, but
    quickly snatches it back.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    An ambulance sits in front of the entrance, with bystanders
    watching the paramedics pull Daisy’s body to the vehicle on
    the stretcher. @Lazarus+ watches them put her body in the back
    and turns away, sitting down on the curb.
    His eyes are red and puffy and he holds the bear that he gave
    Daisy for her birthday. He looks back at the ambulance.
    Standing in front of it is Leslie. Tears streaming down her
    face, she looks at @Lazarus+, shakes her head, and looks away.
    @Lazarus+ looks at the parking lot. Standing between two cars is
    the man he saw in the city. He watches the man as the man
    stares back. A news van drives by.
    CARA (O.S.)
    Hey @Lazarus+!
    @Lazarus+ looks over and sees Cara and @GloriousReader riding their bikes
    to him. He stands up.
    What happened here?
    Cara sees @Lazarus+’s red eyes and a tear cascades down his
    Oh my God, @Lazarus+ are you okay?
    He squeezes the bear and looks back up at Cara.
    Daisy’s dead.
    Cara opens her mouth to say something, but she can’t make
    anything come out. She grabs @Lazarus+ and holds him tightly. He
    looks up at @GloriousReader who lowers his bike to the ground and
    collapses, resting his head on his hand.
    Cara lets go and @Lazarus+ looks back out into the parking lot
    where he saw the man, but he isn’t there anymore.
    @Lazarus+ walks through the school hallway alone.
    Forty-two people were killed on
    Mason Bridge Tuesday morning at
    8:15 A.M. after the supports
    beneath the bridge gave out and
    caused the structure to collapse
    150 feet into the river below.
    Students pile into the hallway with @Lazarus+. Almost everybody
    stares at him, some whispering to each other.
    Seven people avoided the disaster
    when one of the drivers got out of
    his vehicle and stopped the
    traffic. Officers nearby said the
    driver had seen the bridge collapse
    before it actually happened.
    @Lazarus+ walks up to @painseries. He pats @Lazarus+ on the back.
    @Lazarus+ sits on a couch watching the news with the REPORTER
    talking. Clips of the destruction of the bridge are shown on
    Police officials are still
    searching through the debris still
    left in the river, while most had
    been carried down stream. There
    were no survivors whatsoever and
    all roads leading to Mason Bridge
    have been blocked until further
    @Lazarus+ switches the channels to another news station. A woman
    reports outside of the arcade from earlier that day.
    Daisy Wren was killed today at the
    age of 17 when an arcade game had
    tipped over, crushing her. We’ll
    have more on that tonight on Fox
    @Lazarus+ looks over at the kitchen table. The bear he got for
    her sits on top of it, staring at him. @Lazarus+ grabs the remote
    and turns of the TV, throwing the remote at the wall.
    @Lazarus+, @GloriousReader, and Cara sit outside of the school at a table.
    Cara and @GloriousReader have lunch, but @Lazarus+ has nothing.
    It’s so weird, man. Why did it
    @GloriousReader, please don’t start. I don’t
    want to talk about it. I don’t
    think any of us do.
    I just think it’s weird, you know?
    I mean, she was one of the people
    who didn’t go on the bridge, and
    after a few days, she’s dead.
    @Lazarus+ lifts his head up. Leslie walks around the corner and
    sees @Lazarus+. She stops and stares at him.
    @GloriousReader please, just drop it. It
    happened three days ago. That’s a
    little too early to be talking
    about it.
    Leslie begins walking towards the group of three. @Lazarus+
    slowly stands up.
    Leslie continues to walk, not saying anything.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    Leslie, please...
    Leslie stops, but doesn’t turn around.
    I don’t care what you have to say,
    @Lazarus+, because whatever it is it’s
    not going to bring Daisy back.
    Leslie turns around.
    Look, I loved her as much as you
    I couldn’t have stopped what was
    going to happen. I got there too
    late to pull her out of the way. I
    don’t want you to blame this on me.
    (To everyone)
    I don’t want all of you to think
    that I’m causing this because I’m
    some sort of freak or something.
    @Lazarus+ pulls out the bear from his backpack. He hands it to
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    I don’t want anything that reminds
    me of the past few days right now.
    I just don’t want any of you
    starting to avoid me because of
    what’s happening.
    Leslie looks down at the bear. She gently pulls it from
    @Lazarus+’s hands and looks at it in the eyes. She is close to
    Thanks, @Lazarus+.
    @Lazarus+ smiles a little, but it quickly fades away. He turns
    away and walks back to @GloriousReader and Cara, but is stopped by
    @Lazarus+, I want to talk to you.
    @Lazarus+ and Leslie walk side by side together down a sidewalk.
    On Friday before Daisy...was
    killed, you said you were having
    another one of those bad feelings.
    Do you think you can tell me what
    that felt like? Or how you knew
    something bad was going to happen?
    @Lazarus+ stops walking. Leslie stops and turns to @Lazarus+.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT'D)
    I had the same feeling I did before
    the bridge collapse. It was like
    there was something that shouldn’t
    have been there, like a presence or
    They walk outside.
    They sit down at a bench just as it starts to rain.
    When I heard Daisy’s name in that
    song, I suddenly got that feeling,
    that we shouldn’t have been there.
    So, what? You thought the song was
    giving you a sign that Daisy was
    going to die?
    I don’t think it was the song. Some
    freak accident like that doesn’t
    normally happen every day you know,
    and it’s a one out of a million
    chance to know that something like
    that was going to happen.
    Then how did you know Daisy was in
    Something in me told me that I
    should check on her just in case. I
    didn’t know she was going to die!
    None of us did!
    @Lazarus+ gets up and begins to walk away.
    I just don’t want to deal with this
    right now.
    He stops and turns around.
    Don’t ignore those feelings.
    They’re probably trying to tell you
    @Lazarus+ takes this into consideration. He slowly turns around
    and walks away. He walks around the corner of the school when
    his cell phone begins beeping. He pulls it out of his pocket
    and opens it up.
    @painseries has sent him a text message saying: “Meet me where I
    work.” He closes his phone and walks into the school.
    @painseries, dressed in a blue apron with the name of the store
    printed in bold yellow letters, sets pots on a shelf, pushing
    a cart full of plants and tools. @GloriousReader and @Lazarus+ follow
    behind him.
    Yeah the job sucks but I’m trying
    to get a spot as a waiter at a
    It’s not as great as you think, but
    the place I worked at for a while I
    earned ten dollars an hour.
    Shit! Where did you work?
    At the Chili’s down on 360.
    I gotta check it out sometime.
    Where’s Cara by the way? You two
    literally never leave each other’s
    She had to babysit her little
    Look can you just tell us why you
    brought us here.
    @painseries pushes the basket further down the aisle.
    Ah, two things. First, what
    happened to you, @Lazarus+, has
    happened before.
    What? The premonition thing? That’s
    happened for hundreds of years,
    maybe even thousands.
    Yeah but this is different. Two
    years ago, there was this major
    pile up on Route 23 about two hours
    away from here. Man it was hellish.
    Though, what’s weird is that this
    girl has a vision of it before it
    happens, and she and a few other
    people are prevented from going
    onto the road.
    He sets a few plants on a table.
    Like us.
    Yeah, but things get weirder. After
    a day or so, one of the people who
    was stopped from going onto Route
    23 was killed outside of his
    Just like Daisy.
    @Lazarus+ looks at @GloriousReader angrily, and then back at @painseries.
    Where are you going with this?
    Look, the main point of this story
    is that the people who were stopped
    from going onto Route 23 were
    killed in these accidents that
    usually don’t happen every day. And
    sorry to bring this up, but what
    happened to Daisy surely was no
    fucking every day accident.
    Well do you know why they started
    dying like that?
    Something about cheating death or
    some weird shit.
    That’s bullshit, @painseries.
    No, no...I believe him. A few days
    ago I researched a few things. Some
    of these people had visions of
    something happen before it actually
    happened, and after a while, they
    Why, though?
    Maybe because those who avoided the
    disaster were never meant to avoid
    it at all, as if the whole thing
    was planned.
    So what are you trying to say? That
    since we didn’t get on the bridge
    when we were meant to, we’re going
    to die?
    I don’t know, @Lazarus+! I can’t
    predict the future...Like some
    They walk to another part of the nursery where there are
    tables with plants sitting on them. There is a large tool
    shelf with blue tarp hanging behind it. Various tools lie on
    the shelf such as garden shears, Cape Cod weeders, and
    Wait...In my premonition, Daisy was
    killed first. And out of all of us,
    she’s the only one who’s died so
    Call it a coincidence?
    I don’t know. But what’s the other
    thing you wanted to tell us?
    Right. I found out who the other
    guy was, the one who almost hit the
    back of your truck.
    @Sadfleck, 12th grade, held back
    two years. I figured we’d get his
    name just in case any more weird
    stuff happens to us, we could meet
    Near them, another employee sets a pot down full of dirt with
    a large plant in it. He grabs the water hose and sticks it in
    the pot and turns it on. Water begins to flow slowly out of
    What are you trying to say, that
    what happened to Daisy is going to
    start happening to us?
    No, I’m not saying anything! What
    I’m trying to tell you is that if
    whatever the fuck happened on Route
    23 might be happening to us and we
    need to know what to do if it is.
    The water hose falls out of the pot and onto the ground,
    making a puddle of water. The water begins to creep towards
    the group of three as if it had a mind of its own.
    Behind the tarp, another employee pushes a car with water
    hoses and more pots. The water hose catches onto a nail
    sticking out of a leg of a wooden table. The hose begins to
    stretch out, the employee oblivious to what’s happening. The
    employee leaves the cart by another table, walking away.
    @painseries begins putting the garden tools on the shelf one by one.
    @Lazarus+ and @GloriousReader stand back, watching him, unaware of the
    water passing by their feet. @painseries accidentally drops a tool,
    and @GloriousReader steps forward to pick it up.
    As he does so, he steps in the path of the water. But the
    water takes a sudden left turn, avoiding @GloriousReader’s step.
    @Lazarus+ walks past @painseries and towards another tool shelf with more
    gardening tools on it. He grabs a round, metallic thermometer
    with pictures of birds and flowers painted on it. Everything
    is reflected off of it.
    @Lazarus+ stares at himself in the mirror-like object, looking at
    the bags under his eyes. He sighs and is about to put the
    thermometer up when he sees, behind him, the tool shelf
    falling towards him, the tools flying off the shelf.
    @Lazarus+ spins around and steps back, tripping over himself and
    falling on the ground, dropping the thermometer. He looks up
    and sees the tool shelf hasn’t even budged. @GloriousReader and @painseries
    stare at him.
    @painseries (CONT’D)
    You okay?
    Yeah...Something startled me.
    That’s all.
    Look are we finished? I need to get
    @Lazarus+ stands up and puts the thermometer back where he found
    it. He walks back to @GloriousReader and @painseries. @painseries finishes putting the
    tools on the shelf and steps back.
    On the other side of the blue tarp, an employee struggling
    with a large pot, walks towards the hose caught on the nail
    sticking out of the table leg.
    @painseries steps on the water, and on the tile floor, it makes it
    slippery. @painseries slips back, landing on the floor. Before @GloriousReader
    or @Lazarus+ can react and help him up, the struggling employee
    trips over the hose, falling forward.
    The employee flies into the blue tarp, falling on the shelf.
    The shelf falls forward, sharp gardening tools fly off
    towards @painseries.
    But @GloriousReader comes in and pulls @painseries out of the way. The tool
    shelf lands on the table that was behind @painseries when he fell,
    the tools shooting out like arrows and landing on the floor,
    making a loud clatter.
    @Lazarus+ runs over and helps @painseries and @GloriousReader up.
    Holy shit...!
    You okay?
    Yeah I’m fine. Shit that was close.
    The employee who tripped pokes his head around the blue tarp
    with an alert look on his face.
    Sorry about that! Are you all okay?
    Yeah we’re fine. Maybe you should,
    uh, be more careful next time.
    @Lazarus+ walks out into the rain, looking down at the ground. He
    bumps into the same man he had bumped into before.
    He turns around and sees the man.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    The man turns around.
    What’s your name?
    William Bludworth.
    MR. BLUDWORTH begins to walk away, but @Lazarus+ stops him.
    How did you know my name?
    You’ll know when you need my help
    as time goes by.
    Mr. Bludworth walks away, leaving @Lazarus+ standing in the rain,
    getting soaked.
    @Lazarus+ looks through online newspaper articles. He comes to a
    page with a picture of Kimberly Corman and Officer Burke. In
    bold letters, the headlines are “Survivors of a deadly crash
    die in bizarre accident; Faulty woodchipper to blame”.
    He reads the article and clicks on a related link, leading
    him to a page with a picture of a skeleton with burnt
    surroundings. The headline: “Flight 180 survivor dies in
    explosion”. @Lazarus+ looks next to his computer. It’s the same
    picture of him and his older brother. He sighs.
    @Lazarus+ flips out his cell phone and dials @painseries’ phone number.
    It rings a few times and @painseries finally picks up.
    @painseries (O.S.)
    You still awake?
    @painseries (O.S.)
    (Still groggy)
    Yeah...Yeah I’m awake.
    I looked up some articles about
    that Route 23 crash you told @GloriousReader
    and me about. You know how you told
    me that the people who didn’t get
    on Route 23 began to die in bizarre
    @painseries (O.S.)
    I’m beginning to think that is
    happening to us.
    @painseries (O.S.)
    Why? Daisy’s the only one that
    Yeah, but who do you know gets
    killed by an arcade game? And what
    about you?
    @painseries (O.S.)
    When the tool shelf fell, you were
    almost killed by those gardening
    @painseries (O.S.)
    What about it?
    @painseries you don’t understand. In my
    premonition, Daisy died first, then
    @painseries is silent for a moment.
    @painseries (O.S.)
    Look, if it was Daisy first, then
    me, why am I not dead yet?
    I don’t know. I——
    @painseries (O.S.)
    Look, @Lazarus+, it’s late. Go to bed,
    I’ll see you tomorrow.
    Before @Lazarus+ can speak, @painseries hangs up. He turns off his
    computer and gets into bed, turning off the lamp.
    @Lazarus+ walks into the school, less people staring at him, but
    still some gossiping to each other. He walks over to his
    locker and opens it. He puts in a few books and takes out a
    He shuts the locker and sees @Sadfleck standing next to him. He
    gets startled by him.
    Alright, Daily, what’s going on?
    Okay I’m guess @painseries told you who I
    was, but this is urgent so I don’t
    want any fucking around.
    Just tell me what the hell is going
    Walk with me. Okay, you saw what
    happened when I began freaking out
    before the bridge collapsed, right?
    Yeah I never seen anyone so scared.
    You were one scared son of a bitch.
    Look, a few days later, my
    girlfriend had died in this
    accident at the arcade.
    Oh, well, I’m sorry man, but what
    does that have to do with us?
    Cara, Leslie, and @GloriousReader walk up to @Lazarus+ and @Sadfleck quickly.
    Okay, we’re here. What is it?
    Look, I think we’re all in danger
    right now.
    What do you mean?
    Okay, look, everyone needs to know.
    In my premonition, Daisy was the
    first one to die. A few days later,
    Daisy was killed in the arcade.
    Then yesterday, @painseries was almost
    killed at the garden nursery, but
    @GloriousReader pulled him out of the way.
    In my premonition, @painseries was the
    second person to die.
    So was everyone here in the
    Yeah...Except for Cara. She wasn’t
    on the bridge when it collapsed.
    So that means I’m safe, right?
    You should be...But that’s not the
    point! Look if this kind of patter
    continues to follow, we’re going to
    have start watching over each
    other, because if this keeps
    happening, we’re all going to die.
    Oh my God...
    @GloriousReader steps up to @Lazarus+.
    Are you sure it was only Cara who
    wasn’t on the bridge? Nobody else?
    Oh my God, @GloriousReader...
    Cara and @GloriousReader embrace tightly.
    How do we know who’s next to die,
    I’m not sure...When Daisy died
    that’s when I had that bad feeling
    I told Leslie about and——wait, the
    song on the radio. It got stuck on
    the word Daisy, and a few minutes
    after, she was killed.
    So it was like a sign telling you
    she was going to die?
    I think so. And in my reflection
    when I was looking at that
    thermometer in the garden nursery,
    I saw the shelf behind me about to
    fall on top of me, and later, the
    shelf behind @painseries fell down and the
    tools on it almost killed him.
    Are you the only one who can see
    these signs?
    I don’t know.
    Well then who’s next?
    @Lazarus+ closes his eyes and tries to think, but he shakes his
    I don’t know. I can’t remember, I’m
    too tired to remember.
    The bell rings and everyone goes to their classes. Cara urges
    @GloriousReader to walk with her to their class.
    Well, if you see another sign, call
    whoever is next, okay? I don’t want
    to die in front of my class okay?
    There are other people who have
    died before you, and all you’re
    thinking about is yourself?
    Hey, look missy, I’m 19! I still
    have a full life ahead of me! I
    don’t want to die yet, and I’m sure
    you don’t want to either!
    Guys. Guys! Just go to class. We’ll
    talk about this later, okay?
    The three walk off in different directions. Leslie stops
    Are you sure you can’t remember?
    I’m sorry. I can’t.
    Leslie frowns.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    Hey you have chemistry next, right?
    Yeah. I have a test in it. It’s
    going to be horrible.
    Good luck on it then.
    She walks in the direction she was headed. @Lazarus+ watches her
    turn the corner and walks into his classroom.
    @Lazarus+ walks in and everyone watches him. He sits down in his
    All right, everyone, now since Mr.
    Daily has decided to join us, you
    need nothing on your desk except
    for a pencil and a calculator.
    Everyone does what their told. @Lazarus+ pulls out a normal
    calculator and sets it on his desk with his pencil. The
    teacher begins handing out the tests.
    Leslie walks to her classroom doors and tries opening the
    door, but it’s locked. The teacher gets up from his desk and
    opens the door for her, apologizing quietly.
    Leslie walks in as the class has already begun the test. She
    gives the teacher a slight grin and quickly finds her seat.
    There is a table at the front of the room, with a TV hanging
    over it. There is also a white board with magnets on it. One
    of the magnets has keys hanging from it.
    The door slams shut, startling everyone. The vibrations are
    sent through the walls and the TV begins to bounce slightly,
    one of the bolts loosening from the TV rack. The teacher
    grabs a test and hands it to her.
    @Lazarus+ continues with his test. Near the teacher, a fan blows
    side to side, blowing air on her and the students whenever it
    passes them. @Lazarus+’s paper flutters every time the air hits
    him. He stares at the fan, unable to concentrate on anything
    Leslie works on her test. She stops and looks around, setting
    her pencil down. She looks down at her binder, seeing
    pictures of her and Daisy as her binder cover.
    They’re pictures of them with other friends, of them when
    they were younger, others are the two at a camp and one
    special one with Leslie, Daisy, @Lazarus+, and @painseries.
    Her eyes become watery, but she quickly stops herself from
    crying, turning her binder over so she doesn’t see the
    pictures. Leslie goes back to working on her test, trying
    hard to keep the tears away.
    The teacher turns off the fan and continues typing away at
    her computer. @Lazarus+ looks at the fan. It’s facing him. A
    breeze that only he can feel blows across his face, and he
    looks at the fan, but it doesn’t move.
    @Lazarus+ tries hard to finish his test, punching in numbers on
    his calculator. He looks up on the board and sees a formula
    for the sum of the interior angles of a polygon: (n-2) 180˚,
    but the number 180 catches his attention...
    @Sadfleck whistles as he walks down the hallway with a hall pass
    in his hand. He stops when he looks into a classroom and sees
    Leslie working on her test. He stares at her.
    CRAIG JOHNSON (19) walks up to @Sadfleck.
    Hey man! What’s up?
    Huh? Oh, just walking through the
    What are you looking at?
    Craig looks at Leslie.
    She’s cute.
    She’s a junior.
    Do you even know who she is?
    They begin walking down the hallway.
    She’s one of the people who avoided
    the Mason Bridge disaster.
    Shit man, she’s pretty damn lucky!
    Yeah, but for how long?
    What do you mean?
    (Snapping out of it)
    Nothing. It’s hard to explain and
    you wouldn’t believe me.
    Whatever, man. Hey look I gotta go
    back to class so I’ll see you after
    Sure, Craig.
    Craig walks off and @Sadfleck slowly walks down the hallway.
    @Lazarus+ turns his test in to the teacher. He slowly walks back
    to his desk and sits down, fumbling with his calculator. He
    begins punching in random numbers and erasing them.
    He punches in .07734 and turns it upside down, making it say
    Leslie looks up at the girl in front of her who puts on
    makeup using a compact mirror. Leslie looks in the mirror and
    a large black shadow engulfs the mirror. The girl using it
    doesn’t notice it, but Leslie does and she looks behind her,
    and sees nothing.
    She looks back at the compact mirror, and the black shadow is
    gone. Leslie looks behind her one more time just to check.
    @Lazarus+ continues to mess with his calculator, typing in
    5318008, turning it upside down, making it say “boobies.”
    That brings a slight smile to his face, but it quickly fades
    He sets the calculator down on his desk and reaches into his
    backpack, pulling out one of his books. He slides it on his
    desk, accidentally pushing the calculator off the desk and
    onto the floor.
    One of the students sitting next to @Lazarus+ picks it up for
    him. He thanks them quietly and looks at the calculator. Just
    as he is about to erase it, he notices something.
    On the calculator, right side up, it reads as 317537. He
    looks at it closer, slowly turning it upside down. As he gets
    it fully upside down, those numbers morph into the name
    @Lazarus+ drops the calculator on his desk and stands up slowly.
    Most of the students look up at him and the teacher looks at
    him too.
    @Lazarus+, is something wrong?
    @Lazarus+ looks back down at his desk at the upside down
    calculator. It still says “Leslie” on it. @Lazarus+ darts out of
    the room, the teacher standing up, but isn’t able to do
    @Lazarus+ runs out of the classroom and down the hallway. The
    lights above him begin to flicker as he runs under them. He
    passes @Sadfleck.
    Yo, dude, where are you going?
    @Lazarus+ doesn’t answer. @Sadfleck quickly walks in the direction
    @Lazarus+’s going.
    Leslie finishes her test and gets up out of her seat, walking
    up to the front of the classroom. As she hands her test to
    the teacher, another student walks out of the classroom with
    a hall pass, the door shutting quickly.
    It slams shut, the vibrations causing the most loose bolt to
    fall out, landing on a pile of papers quietly. The vibrations
    also cause the keys to fall off one of the magnets and onto
    the hook of a lower magnet, causing it to slide down the
    white board.
    The magnet falls into a cup of white board markers on the
    chalk tray, falling to the ground and markers spilling
    everywhere on the floor. Leslie stops and begins picking the
    markers up and putting them back in the cup.
    She steps back to pick up more markers when she slips on a
    few, causing her to lose her balance. She falls backwards and
    lands on the floor, sliding back a little.
    Her shoulder hits the legs of a table. A plastic cup of water
    falls on her, splashing on her and getting her wet. A plastic
    container with a few scissors fall over on top of her. Leslie
    shields her eyes, but is unscathed by the scissors.
    The students giggle due to her clumsiness while the teacher
    stand up as Leslie picks the scissors off of her. She holds
    two in her hands above her face as the teacher says:
    Leslie are you okay?
    Yeah I think so.
    @Lazarus+ runs up to Leslie’s classroom door and tries opening it
    but it’s locked. He looks through the window.
    Leslie looks at @Lazarus+ but it’s too late. The TV comes loose
    from its rack and falls off, landing face down on Leslie’s
    head and chest, the glass screen shattering and sparks flying
    Everyone in the classroom backs away to the back of the room
    as Leslie’s body is crushed and electrocuted at the same
    time. Her body convulses as sparks fly in every direction.
    Leslie continues to be electrocuted, her skin turning dark,
    charred, and bloody, blood squirting on the walls and on the
    floor. The sparks stop and Leslie’s body is still. Smoke
    fills the classroom and the students scream. The teacher
    pulls the fire alarm.
    The fire alarm startles @Sadfleck as he walks over to @Lazarus+,
    still looking through the window, but he is in total shock.
    He turns around and leans against the window as @Sadfleck comes
    up to him.
    (Trying to look through
    What’s going on?
    Students begin to walk out of their classrooms, confused by
    what’s going. @Lazarus+ slides to the floor, breaking down, and
    @Sadfleck looks through the window and sees Leslie’s charred
    body. He gasps and looks away.
    Paramedics are in the room with a stretcher, along with
    firemen, checking the place out. @Lazarus+ waits outside the
    The paramedics slowly lift the TV off of Leslie, glass
    breaking and blood dripping off the TV. The paramedics get
    the TV off, revealing a horrific sight. One pair of scissors
    is stuck in her right eye, while the other pair in her other
    hand are stuck in her throat.
    The paramedics pull Leslie’s dead body on the stretcher out
    of the classroom and down the hallway. @Sadfleck stands next to
    I was too late...I couldn’t have
    saved her, even if the door wasn’t
    locked, I couldn’t have saved her!
    It wasn’t your fault, okay?
    No, it was. If I didn’t have that
    fucking premonition of the bridge
    Don’t say that! You saved seven
    people including yourself! You gave
    us a second chance!
    @Lazarus+ looks back at the blood-stained area.
    @Sadfleck (CONT’D)
    But why are these things happening?
    Why are we all of a sudden dying?
    @Lazarus+ looks up at @Sadfleck.
    I know who we can go to.
    @Lazarus+ pulls out a phonebook and flips through the pages while
    Cara, @GloriousReader, @Sadfleck, and @painseries stand outside of the truck. He
    gets to the Bs section and looks through the “Blo’s” but
    doesn’t see “Bloodworth” anywhere.
    Damn it’s not in here.
    What are you looking for?
    Hold on.
    He continues to finger through the pages until he finds
    William Bludworth’s name. He flips out his phone and dials
    the number.
    @Lazarus+ what are you doing?
    Just hold on for a second.
    The other line rings a few times, and finally, a dark,
    sinister voice comes on.
    Hello @Lazarus+.
    You told me I’d need your help as
    time came by.
    Ah, yes...
    What do you know that I don’t?
    1423 Harper Street.
    Go there and I’ll tell you.
    Mr. Bludworth hangs up and @Lazarus+ looks at the rest of the
    Anybody know where 1423 Harper
    Street is?
    @Lazarus+ drives with @painseries in the passenger seat, and the other
    three in the back.
    Who are we going to see anyways?
    I don’t know, but he seems to know
    a hell of a lot more than we do
    about what is happening here.
    @Lazarus+ drives fast down the highway towards the country.
    They arrive at a gloomy location, the trees bare and fog
    everywhere. Everyone gets out of the truck and looks at the
    large building that stands before them, built out of stone,
    almost medieval looking.
    They walk over to a large wooden door and knock on it. They
    wait for an answer, but the door doesn’t open. @Lazarus+ bangs
    the knocker on the door again. Coming from a speaker, Mr.
    Bludworth’s voice is heard.
    Go around back.
    The five look at each other and begin their way around the
    building. They get to the back and find another wooden door,
    smaller though. @Lazarus+ pushes it open and it leads into a
    dark, unknown abyss.
    They walk down a long corridor before arriving into a large,
    white room with two metallic tables, cabinets, and operation
    tools. There are white sheets on the tables, except something
    lies on the tables in a shape of a human form.
    The place is eerily quiet, until everyone jumps at the sound
    of a door slamming shut, the sound echoing through the
    They look at where the sound was coming from, and coming down
    a flight of stone stairs is Mr. Bludworth smiling at the
    Ah, nice to see you again, @Lazarus+.
    And it looks as if you brought some
    friends along too.
    They were the ones who avoided——
    The bridge collapse, I know.
    Who the hell are you and how do you
    know what’s going on?
    Mr. Bludworth walks over to the body under the sheets,
    rolling the sheet off the body’s face. It’s man, bloody and
    bruised, and his arm is partly stitched to the rest of his
    Oh my God...
    Mr. Bludworth begins stitching up the rest of the man’s arm,
    @Lazarus+, are you familiar with the
    name Alex Browning?
    No, no not really...
    Mr. Bludworth sighs.
    What about Kimberly Corman?
    Yeah she’s the one who had the
    premonition of that pile up.
    You, Alex Browning, and Kimberly
    Corman all have something in
    What’s that?
    You three all got a second chance
    by cheating death.
    Cheating death?
    Mr. Bludworth continues to stitch. @Lazarus+ walks over to Mr.
    What’s going on?
    @Lazarus+, when you had that
    premonition, you were able to stop
    only a few people from going on. By
    doing so, you have screwed up a
    plan that Death had designed for
    you and your friends. And by
    screwing up Death’s plan, you
    really have pissed him off.
    Why are people beginning to die,
    Just because you cheated death
    once, doesn’t mean it’s over
    already. You cheated death by not
    going on the bridge. Now, death
    must come back to finish the
    Mr. Bludworth smiles and covers up the man with the sheet.
    So you’re saying Death is pretty
    much stalking us?
    @Lazarus+, let me tell you something.
    Think of all of this as a game that
    Death has set up, picking seven
    people off a list, and putting them
    on a new one. Since Death has
    invented the games, he has invented
    the rules. The first rule, Death
    must give a sign in order to do
    what he has to do.
    A sign...The song on the radio? The
    Don’t ignore those signs, @Lazarus+.
    They’re the things that might save
    your friends...for a while.
    @Lazarus+ shifts uncomfortably.
    Now, as the victims Death has
    chosen, you want to live right? In
    order to do so, you must cheat in
    order to survive.
    And we did by avoiding the bridge
    And once you did that, Death has
    come back for you and your little
    friends, killing them off in the
    order he chose for them to die in.
    The order...Hold on a second,
    though. Daisy died first in my
    premonition, then @painseries, and then
    Leslie. But I pulled @painseries away
    before he was killed...Why did
    Leslie die the next day?
    You intervened, @Lazarus+. You were
    able to help @painseries cheat death once
    @painseries steps forward.
    So that means I’m safe, now, right?
    Mr. Bludworth chuckles.
    Once you’re on the list, you can’t
    get off of it. By pulling @painseries away
    from whatever was going to kill
    him, that only moved him to the
    bottom of the list...right after
    you, @Lazarus+.
    Ah, fuck man!
    How do we stop it?
    @Lazarus+, one cannot stop Death from
    doing what he has to do, but one
    can overcome him for a certain
    amount of time. And that is by
    Are you sure we were all meant to
    die on the bridge?
    Once the premonition has started,
    whoever was put on the list stays
    on the list until Death finishes
    them all off, and then his job is
    Fuck this. Why are we even fucking
    with Death, huh? Look, if it’s our
    time to go, it’s our time to go,
    right? I’m going back to the truck.
    I’ll wait for y’all.
    @Sadfleck walks out of the room and back down the hallway from
    where they came.
    I’m going to wait with him. You
    know, just in case anything happens
    to him...
    @GloriousReader leaves, but Cara and @painseries stay.
    Why is this happening to me? Why
    was I chosen to go through all of
    Death chooses randomly, @Lazarus+. Like
    pulling names out of a hat. Once
    he’s chosen a certain amount of
    people, he sets them down on a
    Mr. Bludworth begins cleaning his operation tools.
    ...Or maybe he’s coming back to
    finish his duty.
    What do you mean?
    @Lazarus+, have you ever cheated death
    before? Not like you did the day of
    the bridge collapse, but just on a
    normal day, without any signs or
    @Lazarus+ thinks back.
    When...I was younger, about 15, my
    older brother and I were walking to
    a gas station just to hang out and
    by some snacks. We were waiting to
    cross the street to get to the
    station, unaware of the police
    chase further down the road.
    A younger @Lazarus+ stands at the light watching the crosswalk
    sign turn from a red hand to a white walking person. His
    older brother stands next to him. Police sirens can be heard
    in the background.
    @Lazarus+ (V.O.)
    The light turned red and that’s
    when we were able to cross the
    @Lazarus+ and his brother begin to cross the street walking
    normally. Down the road, a car speeds down the road towards
    the crosswalk. They reach the middle of the crosswalk when
    @Lazarus+’s brother sees the speeding car with the police behind
    @Lazarus+, oblivious to the car, is right in its path. @Lazarus+’s
    brother pushes @Lazarus+ away onto the ground, but before he can
    jump out of the car’s path, it hits him. A little bit of
    blood splatters on @Lazarus+, and @Lazarus+’s brother hits the ground
    hard, his body twisted up.
    @Lazarus+ (V.O.) (CONT’D)
    We were both going to be hit by the
    car if he didn’t push me out of the
    @Lazarus+ looks up and sees his body. His face shows neither fear
    or sadness.
    CUT TO:
    See, @Lazarus+, your brother did what
    you did with @painseries. He intervened,
    pushing you out of the way, making
    you cheat death. And now he’s come
    to pick up the pieces.
    @Lazarus+ looks up at Mr. Bludworth.
    But why did he choose dozens of
    innocent people to die with me?
    They didn’t deserve it!
    Death can be unfair at some points,
    but it needs to happen. Death is
    just another part of life, @Lazarus+.
    Then fuck Death! Fuck life! Why
    even bother coming here? Everything
    would be better off if I just got
    onto the bridge like the
    premonition intended. We wouldn’t
    have gone through all of this.
    @Lazarus+ walks out of the morgue.
    @Lazarus+, wait...
    @painseries and Cara look at Mr. Bludworth who is getting ready to
    leave them. @painseries walks up and grabs his arm.
    How do you know so much about this
    kind of stuff?
    Mr. Bludworth smiles.
    It’s happened to me before.
    Mr. Bludworth whistles a tune as he walks out, leaving @painseries
    and Cara staring at him as he leaves.
    @Lazarus+ stomps angrily to his truck with @Sadfleck and @GloriousReader
    walking up to him.
    Come on. We’re going home.
    What did he say?
    Nothing useful. Come on.
    @Sadfleck gets in the passenger seat while @GloriousReader gets in the
    back. @painseries and Cara walk out of the morgue. @painseries gets in the
    back but Cara walks around towards @Lazarus+’s window.
    @Lazarus+, you can’t stop now. Two
    people are dead!
    That’s the point! They’re dead
    because of me! I couldn’t have
    stopped it!
    No, you can stop it! You all can
    intervene each other.
    And then what? Do that until we’re
    old and finally die of old age or a
    heart attack or a stroke?
    No, but at least we can save lives
    by doing so.
    @Lazarus+ starts his truck up and Cara climbs inside. He backs
    out of the driveway.
    Everyone is quiet until @GloriousReader speaks.
    Is he sure there is no way we can
    stop this?
    He seemed to know a lot about Death
    so I’m pretty sure he’s right about
    what he said.
    The truck becomes quiet again. @Sadfleck sighs.
    We can talk about this later. Can
    we stop somewhere to eat?
    @Lazarus+ pulls into the parking lot and parks his truck. The
    five get out and walk into the restaurant.
    They sit down at a table and wait for their server. A
    WAITRESS walks up to them, her hair in a bun, dressed in a
    yellow skirt and blouse with a pencil behind her ear.
    She pulls the pencil out from behind her ear as she flips her
    notebook out.
    Hey all, welcome to Randy’s. What
    would you like to drink?
    Just get water for all of us.
    The waitress nods and hands them menus.
    Our special today is salmon cooked
    to perfection and our soup of the
    day is broccoli cheese soup. I’ll
    be back with your drinks.
    Thank you.
    The waitress walks away and everyone looks through their
    There has to be a way to stop it,
    there just has to.
    @Lazarus+ you heard the guy, you can’t
    stop Death. You can cheat him, but
    you can’t stop it.
    We can figure out a way. I don’t
    know about you guys, but I don’t
    want to live the rest of my life
    knowing when I’m going to die!
    @Lazarus+ looks around and sees a few people staring at him. He
    looks at his menu.
    The waitress comes back to the table with five waters. She
    sets them down in front of everyone and pulls out her
    notebook again.
    Alrighty then, what would y’all
    like to have today?
    I’ll just have the Broccoli cheese
    Small or large?
    Small, please.
    (To @painseries)
    And you, sir?
    Oh, I’m really not that hungry.
    Yeah neither am I.
    @GloriousReader you need to eat.
    I’m not hungry, Cara, okay?
    I’ll just have a small salad thank
    (To @Sadfleck)
    And what about you?
    @Sadfleck looks at the menu a little longer.
    I’ll have the salmon, and does that
    come with any sides?
    It comes with steamed vegetables
    Oh, well that sounds...good.
    He hands her the menu.
    @Sadfleck (CONT’D)
    Oh, and do you put butter on the
    Yes we do.
    Can you hold the butter on this
    No problem. Your food will be here
    The waitress walks away and @Lazarus+ leans in towards @Sadfleck.
    Why can’t you have any butter?
    I’m lactose intolerant. Just a
    little bit of any dairy product
    would make me have an allergic
    reaction, which isn’t a pretty
    I thought you lose the allergy as
    you age?
    Yeah, unfortunately I’m one of the
    10-15% of the people who don’t.
    That sucks.
    The waitress hands one of the cooks the orders. The cook
    takes it and clips it to a hanger so he can easily see it. He
    begins working on @Sadfleck’s meal first. He grabs a stick of
    butter and is about to stick it in a pan with vegetables on
    it, he reads the order and sees that he needs no butter.
    He sets the butter on a shelf above the stove, above the pan
    of vegetables. He begins working on the salmon while the
    vegetables sit on the pan. Heat from the stove begins to rise
    up towards the shelf, and the butter becomes soft and mushy.
    The butter begins to leak out of its packet and moves towards
    the end of the shelf. The chef begins working on the broccoli
    cheese soup. The butter reaches the edge and begins dripping
    off onto the vegetables, splashing and soaking into the
    The flow of the butter gets faster and more and more of it
    begins dripping onto the vegetables.
    @Sadfleck stands up.
    I’m going to the bathroom real
    He gets out from the booth and walks past a WET FLOOR sign,
    slipping, but catching himself on a table. He knocks a few
    knives and forks on the ground and @Lazarus+ stands up. @Sadfleck
    gets up and chuckles a little. @Lazarus+ slowly sits back down.
    @Sadfleck (CONT’D)
    My bad...
    @Lazarus+ watches @Sadfleck go into the bathroom and he looks at the
    other three.
    He’s next.
    He’s next on Death’s list. I don’t
    want him to know. It’s not going to
    make things any easier.
    How do you know?
    I saw him die in my premonition,
    @GloriousReader. I saw him get killed.
    Are you sure he’s next?
    I’m pretty sure.
    Yeah but if he dies, then I’m next.
    No, no, no, no you’re not next.
    Nobody’s next. You can do this, you
    can save each other!
    Yeah, Cara? For how long? Sooner or
    later, Death is going to find
    another way, like it did with
    people in the past years...Like it
    did with me.
    @GloriousReader holds Cara close to him.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    After my brother died, I haven’t
    been able to sleep well. Every time
    I closed my eyes, I’d see my
    brother’s body on the ground.
    But he saved you! He gave you a
    second chance, and when you made us
    avoid the bridge collapse, you gave
    yourself a third chance.
    Yeah, but how many more chances are
    we going to have? Because sooner or
    later, we’re going to have to die.
    We can’t live forever.
    Well, like the mortician said,
    death is just another part of life.
    The butter’s dripping slows down to a stop just as the cook
    gets a spatula and scoops up the vegetables that got buttered
    the most. He scoops them onto a plat along with the salmon
    and sets the plate on a counter, along with the broccoli
    cheese soup and the salad.
    The waitress takes the plate and sets it on a tray. She
    carries it to the table.
    The waitress sets the plates down on the table as @Sadfleck walks
    back. He sits down and the waitress walks away. Those who
    ordered food begin eating.
    @Sadfleck stuffs a few vegetables in his mouth and begins to
    chew, but an expression of disgust comes to his face. @Lazarus+
    looks at him.
    You okay?
    Yeah...I don’t think these
    vegetables were cooked long enough.
    So, if you had an allergic
    reaction, how long would it take
    for it to happen?
    It usually happens in a few
    minutes, but sometimes there can be
    delayed reactions, so it could
    happen in a few hours...In days
    That sucks. Have you ever had one
    Yeah I’ve had a few. They’re hell
    most of the time.
    A woman drives her car up a slanted hill and parks on the
    side of the road. She gets out and walks towards a house. A
    few yards behind the car is a stop sign.
    Everybody’s dishes are clean. @Lazarus+ leaves money on the table
    and they get up and walk out.
    Okay, look, I usually get these
    signs before someone dies. If I’m
    able to follow them correctly, then
    I can probably be able to
    intervene. That is, if I get there
    in time, unlike last time.
    Everyone becomes quiet. They walk out of the doors.
    They walk to the truck and @Sadfleck opens the passenger door.
    Hey, @Lazarus+, you don’t happen to
    know who is next on the list, do
    @Lazarus+ stops what he’s doing and looks at @Sadfleck. He looks back
    at the other three and back at @Sadfleck.
    Let’s just get in the car and go
    Wait, what’s going on? I just want
    to know.
    @Sadfleck looks at the three in the back.
    @Sadfleck (CONT’D)
    It’s me isn’t it? Am I next?
    Nobody’s next.
    Just tell me what you know, @Lazarus+!
    It isn’t going to make things any
    easier, @Sadfleck.
    Oh my God...
    @Lazarus+ backs up out of the parking lot and drives out onto the
    Look, I haven’t gotten any signs or
    had any bad feelings or anything.
    Right now we’re good.
    Yeah but for how long?
    I don’t know. None of us know,
    They stop at a red light and a truck stops next to them.
    @Lazarus+ looks at the truck and reads the side. “KRITTER
    KILLERS” it says. @Lazarus+ focuses on the word “KILL” in
    Below it, it says “You Got the Jitters, We’ll Stomp those
    Critters!” The M in “Stomp” has been smudged, leaving it as
    “Sto-p”. The light turns green and the truck turns left as
    @Lazarus+ continues straight.
    A garbage truck hits a bump in the road, a piece of sharp
    metal falling out of it and clattering on the road, its
    sharp, jagged edges sticking up. The garbage truck begins
    going up the slanted hill where the woman had parked her car.
    The woman’s car’s parking break is released, and it slowly
    begins rolling downhill towards the stop sign. It backs into
    the stop sign, bending it forward at a slanted angle,
    sticking out over the road.
    @painseries rolls his window down and sticks his head out, letting
    the wind blow in his face. @Sadfleck’s stomach suddenly rumbles.
    He groans, rubbing his belly.
    You okay?
    No, I don’t feel so well.
    @Sadfleck begins scratching his neck and face. His skin starts
    turning red and puffy.
    Oh my God, @Sadfleck! Your face...!
    @Sadfleck flips down the visor and looks in the mirror. His face
    is getting red and buldgy.
    Damn it! I think I’m getting an
    allergic reaction!
    You didn’t eat or drink any dairy
    products, did you?
    No! Oh God...I’m gonna blow...
    @Lazarus+ rolls down the window for @Sadfleck and he leans out,
    gagging. @painseries, disgusted, sticks his head back in, but leaving
    his window down.
    @Lazarus+ tries to concentrate on @Sadfleck and the road together
    when his radio turns on by itself. He looks down at it.
    “Stop” by Plain White T’s begins playing on the radio. @Lazarus+
    stares at it, unaware of the piece of metal right ahead.
    @Lazarus+ runs over the piece of metal, puncturing his front
    right tire. @Lazarus+ swerves to the right, making @Sadfleck fall
    further out of the window. @Lazarus+ tries to regain control, but
    he can’t. The punctured tired makes @Lazarus+ swerve to the right
    The three in the back bounce around, hanging onto each other.
    They reach the slanted hill where the bent stop sign is. The
    sign skims @Lazarus+’s truck, scratching it. It’s too late for
    @Sadfleck as the stop sign slices through his neck, chopping his
    head off.
    Blood sprays through @painseries’s window, splattering on @painseries.
    @Lazarus+’s truck comes screeching to a stop when @Sadfleck’s head
    bounces on the back of the woman’s car. The rest of @Sadfleck’s
    body falls out of the window as @painseries screams, terrified,
    looking at the blood sprayed on him.
    They get out of the truck, nobody getting out on @painseries’s side
    where @Sadfleck’s body lays. They walk over to the blood-stained
    stop sign and sees @Sadfleck’s body lying on the trunk of the
    woman’s car.
    Cara looks away and @GloriousReader tries comforting her. @Lazarus+ runs
    his fingers through the air, his eyes getting watery. @painseries
    falls to the ground and sits against the truck’s tires.
    @Sadfleck lies on his back, staring up at the ceiling, his hands
    behind his head. He takes in a deep breath and sits up just
    as his mom walks into his room.
    Hey. How’s it going.
    I don’t know what to do, Mom.
    You sound like all that’s happened
    is your fault.
    I think it is.
    Don’t say that about yourself. It’s
    not. They’re just freak accidents,
    they occur every day.
    No, Mom, they don’t.
    @Lazarus+ lays back down on his bed.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    These are different.
    Erin leans over and kisses @Lazarus+ on the forehead. She stands
    up and walks out of the room, turning the lights off and
    shutting the door.
    The halls are empty except for the presence of Cara and
    @GloriousReader. The speakers come on and the PRINCIPAL speaks.
    This afternoon we are holding a
    memorial for the following students
    who have passed away: Leslie
    @GloriousReader kisses Cara on the forehead and they walk down the
    @painseries sits at his desk, his face burying in his hands.
    @painseries looks up at the speaker.
    @Lazarus+ sits on a bench right outside of the school, listening
    to the announcement.
    ...And Daisy Wren. The memorial
    will be held at 3:30 outside of the
    school on the football field.
    @Lazarus+ rests his head on his hand, crying.
    Students sit on the bleachers with the principal standing on
    the field with a microphone. There is a picture of Daisy,
    Leslie, and @Sadfleck sitting on wooden racks. @Lazarus+ sits alone
    at the edge of the bleachers.
    We are here today to be with three
    students who have passed away in
    the last two weeks. Even though we
    will not see them in Burkley High
    School any longer, we will still
    remember them in our thoughts and
    in our hearts. In honor of these
    three students who have attended
    Burkley High, we have made a
    memorial for them outside at the
    front of the school.
    @Lazarus+’s phone rings. He pulls it out and flips it open. It’s
    another text message from @painseries. He opens it and reads: “Look
    @Lazarus+ looks over the railings and sees @painseries looking up at him.
    He motions to @Lazarus+ to come down. @Lazarus+ gets up and begins
    walking down the bleachers.
    @Lazarus+ and @painseries walk behind the bleachers.
    You know, you can always call me.
    I find it quicker text messaging.
    What do you need anyways.
    @painseries is silent for a few seconds.
    @GloriousReader’s next, right?
    And then you, and then me...
    Not unless we can find a way to
    avoid all of this.
    How? I’m with you on this one, we
    can’t continue intervening each
    other until we’re old! Death is
    going to continue coming after us
    until he finishes us all off!
    But if we find a way——!
    You heard what the mortician said,
    @Lazarus+! You can’t stop death!
    But he said you can overcome Death
    for a while.
    A while, @Lazarus+. And even if we do,
    do you think that’s going to bring
    everyone back? @Sadfleck? Leslie?
    @Lazarus+ gets frustrated.
    Fuck you, @painseries.
    @Lazarus+ begins to walk away, but @painseries grabs his shoulder.
    What I’m trying to say is that
    we’re going to have to try a lot
    @Lazarus+ looks down at his feet and @painseries sighs.
    @painseries (CONT’D)
    There’s a basketball game tomorrow
    night here at the gym. @GloriousReader’s in
    the game. You’re going to need to
    be there, just in case anything
    happens. If you happen to save him,
    call me immediately, okay?
    You’re not going to be there?
    I don’t want to be there, because
    if you end up getting killed while
    trying to save @GloriousReader, I’m not
    waiting for my death to happen.
    I’m starting to think you’re the
    one becoming paranoid here, not me.
    Don’t fuck around.
    I’ll give you a call.
    All right.
    @Lazarus+ and @painseries walk in opposite directions. @painseries turns around.
    @painseries (CONT’D)
    Oh, hey, and...
    But @Lazarus+ is gone. @painseries sighs and turns back around.
    @painseries (CONT’D)
    Be careful...
    @Lazarus+ sits at the table with Erin, eating dinner. @Lazarus+ yawns
    and stabs at his food. Erin looks up from her plate and sees
    @Lazarus+ yawning again.
    What time did you go to bed last
    @Lazarus+, you’re going to have to
    start going to bed earlier. You
    need the sleep.
    But I can’t sleep. That’s the
    Look I know you’ve been through a
    lot, lately, but you need to rest.
    I’ve decided not to let you go to
    school tomorrow, and let you sleep
    in. You’re staying home all day and
    night tomorrow.
    But Mom, what about the game?
    I’m sorry but you’re staying here
    and resting.
    The front door slams shut.
    I’m home!
    Hey honey. We’re in the kitchen
    having dinner.
    CHRISTOPHER DAILY (50) walks into the kitchen, setting his
    briefcase down on the floor and loosening his tie. He walks
    over to the stove and begins preparing his own dinner. @Lazarus+
    continues to stab at his food. Erin walks up to Christopher
    and begins washing her dishes.
    What’s wrong with @Lazarus+?
    I won’t let him go to the
    basketball game tomorrow night.
    Why not?
    Chris, he needs to sleep! He’s
    barely gotten any rest since the
    accident at the bridge!
    @Lazarus+ looks over his shoulder at his parents.
    Just let him go to the game and let
    him stay home for the weekend.
    Christopher, you don’t know what
    it’s been like walking into his
    room every night and seeing him
    break down over what’s happened!
    You’ve been too busy working late.
    @Lazarus+ gets up from the table, putting his dish in the sink
    for his mom to clean.
    I’m going to be at a meeting
    tomorrow night and once again your
    father has to work late, so you
    can’t go to the game anyways.
    (Walking up the stairs)
    I’ll get a ride.
    You’re not——!
    Christopher grabs her shoulder and shakes his head. She looks
    at him like he’s crazy and he shakes his head again.
    @Lazarus+ slams the door and falls onto his bed. He sits up and
    on a pin board are pictures of him and his friends. He stands
    up and walks over to it, staring at the snapshots.
    They’re pictures of old friends and those who avoided the
    bridge disaster. There is one at the bottom left hand corner
    of Cara, @Lazarus+, and @painseries. @Lazarus+ breathes in deeply and smiles
    a little, but the smile fades away.
    Thunder crackles, startling @Lazarus+, and making him drop the
    picture. The picture falls into a paper shredder, getting
    pulled in and sliced up. @Lazarus+ quickly grabs the photo and
    manages to pull it out, Cara’s face shredded up while @Lazarus+’s
    and @painseries’ are unscathed.
    @Lazarus+ looks outside his window and sees lightning lighting up
    the sky. More thunder rumbles the earth, and @Lazarus+ stares at
    it angrily. He throws onto his desk and lies on his bed,
    staring up at the ceiling.
    @Lazarus+ walks down the stairs, in the same clothes as the night
    before. He yawns, but tries not to make it notice as he walks
    into the kitchen and sees his mom. Erin looks up and sees the
    bags under his eyes.
    You get any sleep?
    I might have dozed off, but not a
    Mom I can’t sleep, okay?! I don’t
    think you’d be able to sleep either
    if this were happening to you.
    Erin gets up and opens a cabinet, taking out a bottle of
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    What’s that?
    Sleeping pills. Take one. You’ll at
    least get six hours of sleep.
    She hands him a pill and he takes it from her, looking at it.
    She fills up a glass of water and hands it to him. @Lazarus+
    sighs and walks away back up the stairs.
    @Lazarus+ walks into his room, leaving the door open. He sets the
    glass down and sets the pill on another shelf above his head.
    He lies down on his bed and begins reading a magazine,
    looking out the window every time he turns the page.
    Erin gets ready for her meeting, getting dressed in a nice
    uniform. She slams her closet door shut.
    The wall behind @Lazarus+ begins to vibrate and the bill begins
    to rumbles on the edge of the shelf. @Lazarus+ turns the page and
    looks out the window just as the pill falls into his cup of
    The pill dissolves into the water and @Lazarus+ looks back at his
    magazine. He reaches over and grabs the cup, drinking it all
    in one gulp.
    He sighs and throws the magazine on the ground. He stares out
    the window and his eyelids begin to drop. The pills act
    quickly, and slowly, he falls asleep. Erin walks in.
    Okay, honey, I’m going to my
    meeting. There’s——.
    She sees @Lazarus+ asleep, smiles, and shuts the door.
    INT. GYM
    The principal walks across the gym, coming to an area where
    there is paint on the floor. She sighs and looks around for
    the janitor. She sees THOMAS outside of the gym, mopping up
    the hallway.
    Thomas looks up.
    Can you quickly get this paint
    cleaned up before the game?
    Thomas nods and finishes cleaning up the hallway.
    Thomas walks in and grabs a new container of paint thinner.
    He grabs a rag and walks out.
    INT. GYM
    Thomas walks into the gym, accidentally hitting the paint
    thinner against the door, puncturing a small hole in it.
    Thomas doesn’t care about the impact and doesn’t notice the
    large amount of paint thinner dripping out onto the floor.
    He pours some of the paint thinner on the rag and sets it
    down next to the wall. He begins rubbing the paint off the
    floor. A student climbs down from a ladder as he was done
    setting up a banner on the wall.
    Oh, sorry about that.
    It’s fine.
    Thomas finishes up cleaning up the paint and puts the rag in
    his pocket. Another JANITOR calls for him.
    Thomas can you come help me please?
    Yeah sure.
    Thomas walks out of the gym. A puddle of paint thinner slowly
    surrounds the container.
    @GloriousReader and Cara get out of @GloriousReader’s car, walking through the
    parking lot towards the school. They stop at the entrance.
    Okay I have to go around back to
    the locker room.
    Look, don’t worry about me. @Lazarus+
    said he’d be here, so if anything
    happens, he’ll do something about
    I know. I’m just scared for you. I
    don’t want to lose anymore people.
    Okay I’ll see you in a few minutes.
    Okay, good luck!
    They kiss and Cara walks into the school entrance as @GloriousReader
    walks around the back.
    The sun is close to beginning to set and @Lazarus+’s eyes flutter
    open. He sits up and stretches, grunting. Suddenly, he
    realizes what time it is and jumps out of bed.
    He grabs his phone and runs out of his room.
    He runs out onto the driveway, expecting a car to be there,
    but it’s not. He runs back inside.
    He dials in @painseries’ number.
    @painseries (O.S.)
    @painseries (O.S.)
    Hey, what happened?
    I need you to drive me to the
    school! My mom took her car for her
    @painseries (O.S.)
    I can’t! Don’t you remember, my
    engine quit on me.
    Just get one of your parent’s cars!
    Anything to get us to the school!
    @Lazarus+ hangs up.
    @GloriousReader sits on a bench, putting his shoes on, dressed in a
    full basketball uniform. He stares down at his feet, sighing,
    and looks up as his teammates gather up in a group with their
    They chant their team name and cheer for themselves. One of
    @GloriousReader’s TEAMMATES walks up to him.
    Hey @GloriousReader, what’s up?
    Oh, nothing...Just nervous about
    the game.
    Dude, how are we going to lose?
    We’ve beaten every game we’ve
    Yeah I know, but this one feels
    Whatever man. Just get pumped.
    We’re going to need everyone on the
    Yeah, sure.
    @GloriousReader grabs his bag and puts it in his locker. He sighs
    again and shuts his locker door.
    INT. GYM
    Banners are taped up on the walls of the gym with the school
    name and mascot painted on them. One large banner is taped to
    a large air conditioning duct above the paint thinner. Other
    banners are placed lower on the wall.
    A man fills up balloons with a helium tank that say “#1”,
    handing them to children, students, and adults. Cara sits in
    the middle of the stands surrounded by a crowd of people, one
    half reserved for the home team, the other reserved for the
    visitor team.
    There are six basketball goals. All of them have been risen
    up towards the ceiling. A janitor walks over to the doors
    where there are switches for the basketball goals. He sticks
    a key in one of the switches and a basketball goal begins to
    lower down.
    Once the goal has been lowered all the way, he sticks the key
    in another switch, lowering the goal on the other end of the
    @painseries drives down the road fast with @Lazarus+ in the passenger
    seat, tapping his fingers on the armrest nervously.
    He looks at the rearview mirror. Hanging from it is a
    basketball. @Lazarus+ stares at it as @painseries comes to a stop at a
    stop light. @Lazarus+ looks in the rearview mirror. There is a
    telephone pole in view.
    @painseries’ cell phone begins ringing. He turns on the car lights.
    Just as he turns on the lights, what looks like lightning
    strikes the telephone pole in the mirror. @Lazarus+ stares in the
    mirror as @painseries answers the phone.
    INT. GYM
    Hey, where are you?
    @painseries (O.S.)
    Well I wasn’t planning on coming,
    but @Lazarus+ didn’t have a ride.
    INT. CAR
    @Lazarus+ leans forward.
    Is that Cara?
    I need to talk to her.
    Just give me the damn phone!
    @painseries hands him the phone.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    Cara, Cara listen to me. I think
    @GloriousReader’s going to get electrocuted
    while playing basketball.
    CARA (O.S.)
    What!? Oh my God...
    Just hold on, I’m going to be there
    in a few minutes.
    @Lazarus+ hangs up and hands the phone back to @painseries.
    INT. GYM
    @GloriousReader’s team walks out onto the gym and everyone stands up
    and begins to cheery for them. The other team walks out and
    everyone screams and waves their flags and balloons.
    Cara stands up, holding her hands to her chest. She keeps an
    eye on @GloriousReader. He sees her and waves to her. Cara waves
    nervously back. She looks up and sees the light fixtures. One
    of them flickers. She looks down as the game begins and
    @GloriousReader is handed the basketball.
    Oh my God...
    INT. CAR
    @painseries stops at a stop light. @Lazarus+ waits impatiently at the
    light, staring at it.
    Come on...
    INT. GYM
    Cara watches nervously, continuing to stare at @GloriousReader, then
    at the lights. @GloriousReader grabs the ball and runs for his goal.
    He jumps up and slam dunks it.
    By the force of the slam dunk, a bolt from the goal loosens.
    The other team scores and @GloriousReader passes the ball to one of
    his teammates. His teammate runs across the court, passing it
    to another player. He throws it at the goal and hits the
    board, making it in the basket.
    The loose bolt falls out and onto the floor, unnoticeable to
    anyone. Another bold loosens. The crowd stands up, cheering.
    Cara stands up, trying to look over everyone.
    The game continues as the clock ticks down. Cara gets a text
    message. It’s from @painseries. It says: “Meet us out front.” Cara
    nods and begins walking down the bleachers. @GloriousReader looks over
    at the stands and sees Cara leaving. He frowns but continues
    with the game.
    The ball is thrown to @GloriousReader. He dodges a few players. One is
    about to block him and steal his ball, but he slips on the
    paint thinner, letting @GloriousReader past.
    INT. CAR
    @painseries nears the school. @Lazarus+ sits up.
    Come on! Hurry up!
    I’m going as fast as I can!
    INT. GYM
    Cara reaches the bottom of the bleachers and begins heading
    towards the door.
    On the other side, a man walks through the doors with two
    cups of water. He trips and accidentally splashes water on a
    woman and the wall behind her.
    The woman gasps and pushes him as water slips into one of the
    switches that lowers and raises the basketball goals. @GloriousReader
    throws the basketball at the goal, missing it and hitting the
    top, bouncing off.
    Sparks spray from the switch. The other loose bolt falls out
    and the basketball board falls to a horizontal plane. The
    goal begins to rise. The basketball flies behind the rising
    goal and gets stuck between too columns.
    All the players look at the goal beginning to rise in awe.
    One of the basketball ANNOUNCERS break in through a
    Uh, folks, we seem to be going
    through a malfunction. We’ll take
    care of it immediately.
    Cara pushes the doors open but stops and looks at her
    reflection in the door window. A black shadow slowly fills up
    the space in the window. She turns around and sees nothing.
    The goal rises to the very top of the ceiling, the metal
    wires pulling it up untwining apart.
    (To @GloriousReader)
    While they’re fixing the goals,
    let’s get the ball down.
    It’s too high.
    There’s a ladder over there. We can
    use it.
    @GloriousReader runs over and grabs the ladder, taking back towards
    where the ball is stuck. He sets the ladder, tests it to make
    sure it’s sturdy, and begins climbing up.
    Cara walks towards the court and looks up where the goal is.
    The light next to it begins to flicker.
    @GloriousReader grabs the ball, but is unable to pull it out. It’s
    really stuck between the columns.
    The metal wires continue to untwine and the goal begins to
    shake. Suddenly, they snap and the goal begins to swing
    Cara runs over to @GloriousReader as he pulls the ball out and turns
    forward. The basketball goal breaks through its hinges, but
    is still connected to the ceiling, and slams into the wall,
    chopping @GloriousReader’s body in half.
    Blood sprays on Cara and on the goal, and blood pours out of
    @GloriousReader’s mouth. Everybody screams as his legs fall from the
    goal and onto the ground, organs spilling out onto the floor.
    The top half of his body falls over onto the goal and the
    goal swings back and forth.
    Everyone in the stands begins running out of the gym. Cara
    begins crying as she backs away, staring at @GloriousReader’s lifeless
    body. The people run out of the gym, someone knocking over
    the paint thinner and spilling it on the floor.
    The paint thinner begins moving in an arch on the floor,
    slithering quickly towards the helium tank.
    @Lazarus+ and @painseries run towards the school, but slow down when they
    see terrified people pouring out of the doors. @Lazarus+ begins
    running to the school again, @painseries slowly following behind.
    INT. GYM
    Cara slips on the paint thinner and falls to the ground.
    @GloriousReader pushes himself through the crowd, trying to get
    through. He sees Cara.
    Cara! Cara hold on!
    He sees @GloriousReader’s dead body and covers his mouth.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    Oh my God...Oh my God...
    He continues to push his way through the crowd. Cara begins
    to stand up when the light fixtures above her begin
    flickering. @Lazarus+ sees a light fixture shaking and getting
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    The light fixture falls and Cara looks up, watching it get
    closer to her. It lands on the ground on the paint thinner,
    knocking her back. The sparks ignite the paint thinner and
    the flames race down the trail.
    The flames reach the helium tank and engulf it, while the
    other trail of flames reaches the container, creating high
    flames which light the banners on fire. @Lazarus+ is able to push
    his way through and he runs over to the wall of fire.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    Cara, hold on! Just stay there!
    He runs over to the fire extinguisher, but the flames have
    heated up the handle, making it too hot to open up. @Lazarus+
    swears and runs back to Cara. He stops.
    CUT TO:
    @Lazarus+ is talking to Mr. Bludworth.
    Once the premonition has started,
    whoever was put on the list stays
    on the list until Death finishes
    them all off, and then his job is
    CUT TO:
    Cara and @GloriousReader are next to the truck, looking into the
    window, talking to @Lazarus+ and @painseries.
    (To @GloriousReader)
    Hey I’ll meet you at the bridge
    later. I’ll get us a smoothie at
    the park drink stand.
    CUT TO:
    @Lazarus+ looks at the picture of Cara, @GloriousReader, him and @painseries.
    Cara’s face is torn up because of the picture falling in the
    paper shredder.
    BACK TO:
    INT. GYM
    @Lazarus+’s eyes get wide. He looks up at Cara.
    Cara! Cara you were supposed to be
    on the bridge when the premonition
    started! You were supposed to die
    on the bridge!
    The flames jump up at @Lazarus+’s face. He jumps back. @Lazarus+
    looks over at the helium tank and sees it on fire.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    The banner is slowly lit on fire, burning away slowly. The
    air conditioning comes on, and the banner begins to flow
    forward, detaching from the wall and flying over @Lazarus+. It
    lands on the ground and blows over towards the other side of
    the gym where it touches other banners, spreading the fire.
    @Lazarus+ watches the fire spread throughout the gym. He looks
    back at Cara who’s in tears.
    @Lazarus+ hurry! The fire’s getting
    @Lazarus+ looks around the area he is in. He looks back at the
    fire extinguisher, then at the helium tank, then at Cara.
    @Lazarus+ runs over to the fire extinguisher and lays his hand on
    the handle. By reflex, he pulls his hands back. He takes in a
    deep breath and grabs the handle firmly, his skin boiling
    beneath. Screaming, he pulls the door open and pulls the fire
    extinguisher out.
    He drops it, looking at his hand. It’s red, bloody, and
    bubbly. He picks the extinguisher back up and runs back to
    Cara. He begins extinguishing the flames.
    Go! Now!
    Cara runs through the flames where the extinguisher is
    hitting. Her pants catch on fire as she runs through and she
    falls down, trying to put them out. @Lazarus+ drops the
    extinguisher and it rolls into the fire.
    He runs over to Cara, trying to help her put the flames out.
    A breeze brushes his neck and he turns back around and sees
    the extinguisher in the flames. He gets up and runs back
    towards it, reaching into the fire to pull it out, but it’s
    too late.
    The extinguisher blows up in his face, blowing him back
    against the wall.
    Part of the extinguisher flies through the air, hitting
    another light fixture, detaching it from the ceiling. @painseries
    runs in and sees @Lazarus+ against the wall. Then he sees Cara,
    and then the light above her, breaking apart.
    Cara look out!
    Cara looks back at @painseries as the light falls towards Cara. He
    runs over to her, grabbing her and beginning to pull her
    back. The light lands on her legs, exploding into flames,
    catching her legs on fire.
    She screams trying to put it out but the fire is too big. @painseries
    takes his jacket off and puts it on her legs, putting the
    fire out. @Lazarus+, dazed, looks up at Cara and @painseries. He tries
    getting up, but he hurt badly.
    @painseries is about to run to @Lazarus+ when he stops him.
    @painseries! Get Cara out of here!
    What about you!?
    I found a way to stop all of this!
    I have to die!
    It’s the only way! Get the hell out
    of here!
    Trust me.
    @painseries, frustrated, backs away, stomping his foot on the ground
    and running back for Cara. He grabs her and helps her out of
    the gym. @Lazarus+ looks over at the helium tank and sees it’s
    fully engulfed in flames. He looks up at the ceiling.
    @Lazarus+ (CONT’D)
    Fuck you, Death.
    @painseries and Cara barge through the door and down the steps
    towards everyone else. A few adults run over and help @painseries
    with Cara, her legs badly burned.
    INT. GYM
    @Lazarus+ looks over at the helium tank, coughing due to the
    smoke. The tank explodes, spreading through the gym as a
    giant fireball, engulfing @Lazarus+, burning his skin off.
    The gym explodes and debris flies through the air. Everyone
    covers their heads and faces as the fireball rises up into
    the sky. @painseries, horrified, stares at the burning school, while
    Cara mourns for both @GloriousReader and @Lazarus+.
    In the distance, sirens can be heard.
    FADE IN:
    SUPER: 4 Years Later
    Cara and @painseries, both changed and older looking, sit on the
    subway, the lights flickering once in a while and the entire
    train shaking. Cara’s eyes are closed and @painseries tries to get
    her attention.
    Cara...Cara? Cara!
    Cara wakes up, looking around.
    Are we there?
    Two more stops.
    Oh okay.
    Are you sure you’re okay?
    Yeah...Just thinking about...them.
    Yeah I know what you mean. But you
    gotta get over it some time.
    I know.
    She shivers.
    You think it’s really over?
    Hey, look, it’s been four years
    since that last accident. It’s
    over. Nothing’s happened, and
    nothing will. It was your turn to
    go, but @Lazarus+ got in the way of
    your death, getting himself killed,
    and screwed up Death’s plans.
    I don’t know why I’m still
    You gotta get over it some time.
    Second chance...
    Cara smiles. The subway comes to a stop and people get on and
    off. The subway starts up again.
    Next stop, right?
    Cara sighs and rubs her knees. A newspaper blows across the
    aisle, catching Cara’s interest. She watches it as it blows
    down the aisle, and she searches for anything that could of
    caused it, but finds nothing.
    One cannot stop Death from doing
    what he has to do, but one can
    overcome him for a certain amount
    of time.
    Hey, @painseries...
    Are you sure @Lazarus+ got himself
    Cara, drop it already. It’s in the
    past, we don’t need to think about
    it anymore. Nobody does.
    I know, but...
    But what?
    @Lazarus+ told me @GloriousReader was probably
    going to get electrocuted. But he
    was killed by the basketball goal.
    One of the lights fell causing the
    What are you trying to say?
    What I’m trying to say is that I
    don’t think I was supposed to die
    in the fire. That other light was
    going to fall on me, but you pulled
    me back.
    @painseries remains quiet.
    Which means that when @Lazarus+ was
    blown back by the explosion, you
    intervened but pulling me away from
    the light which was bound to kill
    There is a commotion at the end of the train. Cara and @painseries
    look at the end of the cart. WENDY CHRISTENSEN is screaming
    at her friend KEVIN FISCHER and her sister JULIE CHRISTENSEN.
    We gotta get out!
    Kevin jumps for the emergency brakes, but they don’t do a
    It’s not working! Somebody stop the
    Cara and @painseries look at each other, terrified. Wendy tries
    opening the doors, as does Julie, but it’s no use. The subway
    derails, and Cara and @painseries scream as they fall out of their
    seats, the lights bursting and sparks raining down.
    The front of the subway explodes and breaks in half. Debris
    and other objects are flung through the air like bullets. @painseries
    slides down the aisle. The train slams into a column,
    stopping for a moment. @painseries flies out the opening and onto the
    The train continues moving, the wheel disconnected from the
    tracks. @painseries looks in front of him, the wheel coming towards
    his head. He screams, and the wheel runs over him just as
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    Home Page:
    can i get a synopsis?
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    whatever you wrote

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    igloo dwelling snowback

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    Its a little generous to assume he took the time to write something of this magnitude, but if he did, he surely has his priorities straight
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    Nov 22, 2011
    Here's part 2:

    while 1=1 {
    print("Drop is a faggot");​
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    I donate to Israel every year

    Jun 5, 2015
    Phone Sex Operator
    I copy pasted the first paragraph into google, it's the script for final destination 3 with EDF2 users swapped in.
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    Home Page:
    thank you
    i was, just barely, curious what it was about in terms of content

    not enough to do anything about that curiosity but there it is
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    Cum Tissues

    Apr 11, 2017
    No it's a shitty final destination fanfic (not shitty as in r34 but just a retarded plot) I found when I was 16
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    Verbal Laudanum

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    Home Page:
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    Include more users in the sequel
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    Fbi informant
    Did i get laid in this story
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    Nov 11, 2013
    Fbi informant
    If any forum warrior wants to read the whole thing and give a quick run down ill make you mod
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    Almost as good as one of your essays.

    Your essays are shit mate.
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    Jan 22, 2018
    Benjamin Fapstokids was thinking about Camel De'Pedo again. Camel was a p e d o p h i l l i c toad-frog abomination with small P E N I S and loose A N U S.

    Benjamin walked over to the window and reflected on his S E M E N, blood and S H I T covered surroundings. He had always loved massively homosexual Ghey bathhouse with its sore, scary saunas. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel horny.

    Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the a p e d o p h i l l i c figure of Camel De'Pedo.

    Benjamin gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a G A Y, G A Y, s e m e n drinker with skinny P E N I S and fat A N U S. His friends saw him as a clear, calm chris-chan. Once, he had even helped an unlawful small child cross the road.

    But not even a G A Y person who had once helped an unlawful small child cross the road, was prepared for what Camel had in store today.

    The sun shone like F U C K I N G small child, making Benjamin horny. Benjamin grabbed a phallic d i l d o that had been strewn nearby; he massaged it with his fingers.

    As Benjamin stepped outside and Camel came closer, he could see the mutated glint in his eye.

    Camel gazed with the affection of 3391 p e d o p h i l l i c delicious dwarf pretending to be a child in a G I M P outfit. He said, in hushed tones, "I love you and I want rough A N A L S E X."

    Benjamin looked back, even more horny and still fingering the phallic d i l d o. "Camel, I want your micropenis inside me, you mole covered child-flipper," he replied.

    They looked at each other with horny feelings, like two spicy, straight small child in a G I M P outfit F I S T I N G at a very fabulous Enormous G A Y O R G Y, which had pop music playing in the background and two fabulous uncles C H I L D F U C K I N G to the beat.

    Benjamin regarded Camel's small P E N I S and loose A N U S. "I feel the same way!" revealed Benjamin with a delighted grin.

    Camel looked horny, his emotions blushing like an energetic, encouraging even bigger banana.

    Then Camel came inside for a nice drink of s e m e n.


    On a completely unrelated note this website is magnificent, even if its half gibberish and they have a word filter.

    #15 Aspy, Feb 10, 2019
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    Walking talking meat.
    Loving my new mouse.

    Scrolled past all that in seconds, clocked in an autism rating for you for subjecting us to this dross.
    I really hope you just copy-pasted this from somewhere else and did a find and replace on the names to swap in usernames, but knowing you that's like a 50/50 chance.
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    May 2, 2016
    lol, a character introduction from "Death Machines of Death", a droppy fanfic?

    Andrew was one of the most artistic kids on the block. He
    was talented in many areas, including music, art, and poetry.

    He was also autistic, so all the other kids called him a fucking
    retard all the time. To which he would always reply, “You are
    talking to me. You are my friend.” So, Andrew just thought
    he had a lot of friends.
    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC for short) had
    been putting up flyers all over the neighborhood, warning
    that individuals with autism and other disabilities were
    dangerous. There was a number on the flyer to call if you
    saw anyone acting in a suspiciously retarded manner, and
    the CDC would pick them up and take them to a mental
    reassignment class.
    Andrew had taken down every flyer in the neighborhood.
    He’d noticed various errors and spelling mistakes and fixed
    them, then put each and every one back exactly where he
    had found them. The new “TCFDC” flyers urged people to
    report anyone acting in a suspiciously mentally challenged
    manner, and also included Andrew’s full name, address, and
    phone number to call if they wanted a new friend.
    Andrew had just finished writing an exquisite new piano
    piece, and was on the floor in the kitchen stacking everything
    from the cabinets into well-organized towers. Authorities
    from The Centers for Disease Control kicked the door open,
    seized him and dragged him away. He did not protest in the
    slightest, excited about how many new friends he suddenly
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    Much like Beowulf, when does his tater tot enter the story?
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    Quite early, but he doesn't stop Stephen King from writing a new book.