Do bronies really have talent?

Discussion in 'Furries & Ponys' started by guidoVegeta, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. guidoVegeta

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    Jul 2, 2012
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    I see this sort of comeback from bronies a lot to defend themselves:

    brony comment.

    So what the fuck is the deal with bronies? Why should I give a shit about their fandom and what talent do they possess that is so great that they need a documentary made about them? What makes them such special little snowflakes and what makes them so different from other communities like say, the furries? Is there a reason that I should change my perspective of bronies?

    Discuss please.
  2. Nouble Digger

    Nouble Digger
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    Sep 9, 2011
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    History? Hardly, the pony/brony thing will be played out within he next two years, you have my word on that. That turning point will be when they realize what faggots they are being when they reach actual maturity.

    I know quite a few bronies. I help run a brony convention to make fun of the disparaging dorks that attend it, and run it. Plus, it's a fucking sight to see so much Asperger's in one place. Most of them are devoid of originality in every way, shape, and form. Evidence of this are all of the walleyed crossovers, and completely unoriginal "original" characters. (As original as ripping off Hasbro is.) Also, there is no such fucking thing as talent. The proper word is skill, and skill is acquired through practice and perseverance. I only know two bronies that have skill in what they do. Two, out of at least a hundred. I also know a handful of artists that are just using the brony thing to target a demographic to sell their shit to.

    My suggestion to you is: judge each person you encounter by their individual merit, whether they be a furfag, porn artist, or even a brony. That being said, I am going to skullfuck WhiteDoveCreations' face in one of these days for being a humorless cunt about her stupid pony dolls. Which are 300 bux a fucking pop. Let me know if you want to hear that story, I've blathered enough for one post.
  3. minty

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    May 6, 2012
    yes plz