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    Aug 19, 2011
    Dear Flu after consideration of your problems regarding Poo.
    I wanted to tell you of some things you should have tried long ago to ensure nice and easy anal sex.

    First off, for in the moment quickies, use a condom, the shit should stay off the condom after you are finished, and if there is, no biggie, just tie a knot in it or turn it inside out and throw it away, problem solved.

    But haven't you ever heard of an Enema? an enema is necessary for nice squeaky clean anal sex, you can create a makeshift enema kit out of a hotwater bottle with a nice thick flexible plastic tube with a threaded fixture that fits through the bottles opening, and on the other end, simply use a hollowed out butt plug or dildo, simply make your bitch lie on her stomach and stick some pillow under her crotch to support her and keep pressure off her tummy, this is important.
    STICK the lubed up nozzle into her ASS and let the warm water flow, you can safely inject a whole litre into her tummy, ask @TheBrickBalls about enemas he knows more about getting the shit out properly.

    Then when she feels ready, quickly remove the nozzle and insert something to cork her bum so she can make her way to the toilet, remove cork and let everything just rush straight out, all the stray pieces of stool will be GONE by the time she is finished, and everything will be nice and clean.

    Another alternative is just not feeding the bitch for 6 hours, this won't work if your gf is a fat fuck who eats all the time,
    Anorexic chicks are better for this, they never eat, and hence have cleaner anal.