Cat Marnell: industrial grade lolbitch

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    Have I got a lovely can of self-abuse for you. A prominent NYC magazine writer with extremely bad writing a memoir. At age 34.

    Of course she's got a Wikipedia biography. Which (for once) is obviously not the product of paid editors or friends.

    "Her mother is a psychotherapist and her father is a psychiatrist, and she was primarily raised by nannies." lolol.

    I suppose I should feel sorry for her. But just can't manage it. The girl went thru the Manhattan publishing and fashion worlds on greased rails. Kicked out of Lawrence, hired by XOjane and VICE despite not having a degree AND being a noted junkhead. Half a million dollar cash advance for her fucking book, sight unseen and currently almost FOUR YEARS LATE. The Edie Sedgwick of the hipster age.

    Talk about a "charmed life"......but she's still trying to slowly destroy herself.

    The problem is that the publishing world tolerates her crap. Young, pretty, rich, anorexic, constantly stoned; she hits all the magical celebrity buttons of our shit-eating corrupt society.