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  1. Lloyd

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    Sep 9, 2011
    Yesterday was Rosenmontag, the high point of Carnival festivities here in Deutschland. Basically it means everyone dons some sort of gaudy costume and gets very drunk and watches colorful parades. These parades start at noon and most people show up drunk which is quite funny - you never see that many drunk people around in broad daylight.

    What I like about Carnival here is how super German it basically is. Surprising to exactly nobody, most Germans are not big on getting drunk and rowdy in public prior to 10pm and not the biggest barrel of laughs in general. But when there's a Dezignated Vun Day people take that shit seriously and get super drunk and laugh about the shitties jokes and dance to cheesy music like they get paid for it. The whole thing has the air of an IRL forced meme, and there's something about that I find fascinating.

    Anyway, I did not neglect my duties and was roaringly drunk by 11 am. I pissed in a church entrance and puked several times during the parade (which lasted for 4 fucking hours). We then went to some Schlager-party at giant discount discotheque. I ended up making out with some lardy girl dressed as the most retarded pirate you've ever seen but I was way too drunk to get any real action.

    I went to bed a 8pm and woke up at 1 am with an awful headache and puked some more. I fucking love carnival. Oh, btw, my costume? I improvised it in all of 10 minutes, with a nightgown, a soon-to-be-stained undershirt, a pair of flip-flops, purple trackpants and an old baseball hat as well as a gold chain I was quite convincing as an "assi" e.g. a white trash welfare king.
  2. ScrotumFlagship

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    Dec 31, 2011
    German here too, but I live in a tiny village at the southern ass of das Land, meaning carnival here is standing around watching 15 80-something humanoid beanbags in jester caps carry their old people-stenchcloud through the blocks.

    No, not even alcohol helps.