BUCKSTOWN (Functional Autism / Army Man model themed note-story)

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    I'm not sure if anybody remembers my autistic hobby of cutting apart armymen and reassembling them, with epoxy putty, superglue and paint... But it's what I like to do, despite the flak I've taken for how retarded it is.

    (neo-aryan from way-off, leader of the southern waste dwelling tribes, late in the history of the Western Wastes - some time after the establishment of Buckstown, as discussed here. Model not related to Buck or Quickdraw.)

    Well, good news to those who know - it's even more sad, deep down, as each model generally has a huge backstory attached to each model. In this case, I've written a note to myself which I've posted here for no real reason. It's about the morally ambiguous cowboy anti-hero Buck Ruckus and his feud with the sharp-shooting lawman, Sheriff Quickdraw.

    Sadly, I've only just begun on a BR model, and Quickdraw is only existent in the form of a robot arm, and nothing else. So, there are no models to go with this note story. I'm sure you're all crushed.


    When the infamous wasteland freebooter, Buck Ruckus, wants to fuel up, reload, and count his spoils he usually does so at home in Ruckusville, his central Southern bastion and home of his mercenary followers. But when Buck is far away he relies on the "charity" of his host town to provide him with the resources and amenities (guns, bigger guns, money, booze and whores). Very seldom do towns who know of Buck's reputation decline his request. But every so-often towns do. Usually these towns do so for they have not met or heard of Buck Ruckus, who quickly introduces himself and his men to the unwary settlement. But for the rare towns that are aware of Ruckus, but who do not relent, there is bound to be trouble...

    Such was the case of New Giddeon, situated to the North, alongside the Motherline railway and due-East of the Kaskus mountain range. Governed by a town friendly to the techno-possessors of the High North and kept under-wraps by the legendary sharpshooter and lawman, Sheriff Clayton "Quickdraw" Junius - hero of the Northern Expanse wars between the technology possessing men of the High North and the barbarian tribes to the south backed by the coastal (Western) and plains dwelling (Eastern) Mutis tribes (of green, yellow, red, or purple skinned mutant Indians.) Quickdraw was held in high regard both by his townsfolk, benefactors, and even his enemies, who feared his skillful shooting.

    Quickdraw ran a tight ship, shooting down any brigands or rustlers who threatened his town, and personally ran all city affairs from his town office / jail complex, making sure local artisans and businesses kept their dealings legal and efficient. Quickdraw was a well respected and rightly feared ruler who his people looked up to for guidance and protection.
    So when Buck and his boys rode in to town the fuse was naturally lit. The two men confronted one another just outside the towns only saloon, in the heart of downtown. While many of the citizens of New Giddeon had heard the tall-tales of Ruckus, few actually believed in them and did not recognize Buck when they saw him. To the ordinary person on New Giddeon's street, Buck was just some towering behemoth of a man who looked shifty, violent, and untrustworthy. But to Sheriff Junis, Buck Ruckus was a multiple felon, wanted, Alive or Dead (but preferably dead!) There was a big cash reward for the capture or slaying of Buck, and indeed, he was worth more dead - with the capture of his head for proof. To the man who slew Ruckus would go more credits than he could do with in a lifetime, for finally rubbing out the scourge of the Motherline..

    Quickdraw told Ruckus who he was and what he intended to do about Buck's unwelcome presence, and Buck told Junis to stop talking and bring it on - he, Quickdraw, could have the first shot; to which the sheriff responded that he always took the first shot...

    The crowded street cleared except for Quickdraw's men, having taken position, fixed their rifle and laser carbines sights on Buck's men, who pointed their large-bore auto pistols on Junis' men in return. Both sides, however, kept back while their respective champions met in the middle of the road, then took 20-paces back, turned, and faced each other.
    Buck reiterated his offer to sheriff Quickdraw, to take the first shot; but Quickdraw said he never fired until his opponent reached for his gun, to which Buck obliged him. Feigning to reach for his massive mini-cannon's firing clutch, Quickdraw took this sluggish move as a sign that Buck was about to draw. With blinding speed, Junis fired an unseen, single bullet into the dead center of Buck Ruckus' skull, dropping the giant.
    Junis relaxed and looked around. He saw his men grinning - another common crook met their end before they could even fire a shot. They grinned at Buck's men, a couple looked slightly worried while the others, who had raided alongside Buck for many years, grinned back, confident the fight wasn't over.

    And sure enough, Buck Ruckus rose up, onto his feet and dusted himself off. As he strode forward, he commended Quickdraw for his skill with a repeater, but cautioned the lawman it was now Buck's move. Startled, Quickdraw fired a volley of shots - three shots in the time a normal man could fire one - they sprayed Buck's hulking body and embedded themselves in his imposing form, but Buck pressed on until he was face to face with Clayton; Clayton's hand clutched in Buck's own giant, grizzled fist.

    With a twist of his wrist, Buck snapped the lawman's firing hand easily off. With a spurt of blood and a scream of agony, Quickdraw fell bleeding, unconscious, to the ground. There was a hush over the crowd of townsfolk that had gathered to watch the showdown. Men who had peered over doors and window ledges stood outside, looking down at their lawman hero, who lay motionless on the dirt, under the raging sun.

    Quickdraw's men opened fire, killing a number of Buck's crew, who returned fire. Suddenly, the whole street was caught in the anarchy of gunfire and men from both armies were stricken dead alongside those unfortunate civilians caught up in the cross-fire.

    In the end, Buck and his boys were victorious. They looted the saloon and ammo / supply store and before riding off, Buck took a moment to pause and look behind him. There stood the hunched figure of defeated Quickdraw, grasping with his left the stump of his right firing hand. He looked pale and sickly about the carnage around him, of his dead men and citizens who looked to him for protection.

    As he mounted his bike, Buck turned and faced Quickdraw.

    "There here is my town now, sheriff; for when me and my boys come back. Thinkin' I'll call it... Buckstown. You know, after ME. Take yourself, your men, your people - and clear them out. If they want to stay... they can stay - but under my rules. Take any who don't want trouble when I return, and clear out. You got that?"

    Quickdraw, surrounded by his people, who were tending to his wound with auto-med kits, breathed not a word, but lowered his head. His facial expression cold and emotionless; lost under the shadow of the brim of his hat.

    Buck fired his engine and prepared to ride off. But before leaving the victor with his spoils, Buck reached into his vest pocket. He called out to the defeated sheriff. Quickdraw held up his head and, though his vision blurred by pain and defeat, stared into Buck's hard, cold eyes. Buck lifted Quickdraw's prized firing hand and folded the digits into a middle-finger... and then rode off.


    Quickdraw took those still faithful to him and pressed North for reassignment and repair. He would eventually become sheriff of a less dangerous, further North town guarding the start of the essential Motherline supply rail, but the job seemed paltry compared to his station at New Giddeon. Clayton swore revenge on Buck, going so-far as to get a new cybernetic hand and arm, which gave him an even faster drawing speed than his natural body allowed, and came equipped with several new 'Giant Slayer Rounds.' Quickdraw honed his skills and trained a new division of mounted men with only one mission: take down Buck Ruckus.

    Buckstown became a place of vice and danger, ruled over by Buck's appointed men. It remains a constant thorn in the Northerner's side, as its denizens frequently raid the armoured railcars sent down deep South by the Motherline railroad. Buckstown fosters all sorts of rogue characters, from the rebellious Roughriders and their hardened, counterparts: the infamous Ghostriders, whose years of hard riding in the wasteland sandstorms have had all their visages stripped by blasting sand almost down to the bone, until their faces resemble leathery skulls, to prospectors and roaming tribes of Mutis from every corner.
    Buckstown forms the vanguard against any Northern incursion into the deep-wastes, on assignment to take down Buck's HQ of Ruckusville.

    PS. the model of Buck Ruckus features a shirtless cowboy hero standing upon a "slayer base" - composed of countless slain aliens, animals, robots, and men - clutching his aforementioned mini-cannon assault weapon, which features, for an iron sight, the severed hand, still with an extended middle-finger, of sheriff Quickdraw.. as sculpted onto the model.