A Must Read for PoliticalFags: The Fiscal Cliff and Financial Collapse

Discussion in 'Nobody Cares' started by Dr. Rice, Jan 1, 2013.

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    The secret kings of our democracy want a financial collapse to happen which is why they are having their visibly established puppets not accomplish anything. An economic collapse is a means for these secret kings to become open kings and enslave us through the debt of central banking and their worthless fiat currency. They want violence to happen so they can carry out a brutal crackdown and take over everything. As this article argues, why would the government want such powers in peacetime if it wasn't preparing for something big and tyrannical? One could blame that Jews, Capitalists, Aliens, etc. are behind this plot, but that doesn't change the reality that evil is on the march and it wants blood.

    While it would be nice to encourage our party members to prepare for violent revolution, but you neckbeards can't do shit. And besides, there are plenty of people who are much more prepared for this war than we could ever hope to be. What we must do is fulfill our niche in this war: information warfare. We must prepare to host propaganda for this conflict as soon as it begins because there will be much propaganda in favor of the genocidal crackdown. You don't have to look further than the Syrian conflict to see how effective state propaganda is at deceving a retarded public. Pix or it didn't happen will be a necessity in this war against the likes of CNN and others who have no qualms about selling out their airtime to whoever wishes to buy.

    In the mean time, prepare for this conflict--especially your emotional and mental state. I have a suspicion this conflict will begin sometime this spring.

    "Soldiers' dances lead us to the Syrian War!"