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Awarded Medals: Ram Dass

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  1. Awarded: Feb 19, 2017


    This user is a hacker on steroids

  2. Awarded: Feb 19, 2017


    This user runs to their 1988 hugbox when their feelings are hurt.

  3. Awarded: Feb 19, 2017


    This user hoards potatoes.

  4. Awarded: Feb 19, 2017

    Autism Awareness

    This person has Assburgers Syndrome, so you can't say anything bad! :-( Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

  5. Awarded: Feb 19, 2017


    This user's posts are the result of a fifth of cheap vodka and two fifths of Listerine

  6. Awarded: Feb 19, 2017


    This user loves pills

  7. Awarded: Feb 19, 2017


    This user is a hipster

  8. Awarded: Feb 19, 2017


    This user thinks life is meaningless.

  9. Awarded: Feb 19, 2017


    Lisper Medal

  10. Awarded: Feb 19, 2017

    DMT Addict Award

    This user needs to breakthrough a lot, it prevents him from becoming an hero.